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"Travel to Experience, Read to Discover." Search, Publish, Distribute and Promote Books.
"Travel to Experience, Read to Discover." Search, Publish, Distribute and Promote Books.

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Why do Millennials need to be Empowered? Get an insights from Vivek Iyyani.

Also catch his latest interview on Channel NewsAsia:

His latest book 'Empowering Millennials' in digital and prints:

#ReadToDiscover #Millennials #VivekIyyani

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A collection of patients' guide books by Dr Gerard Chuah, a leading eye surgeon in Asia, and his team of doctors. With insights to symptoms and treatments on Glaucoma, Cataract, Myopia and Retinal diseases.

Visit our site:

#EyeDisorders #Blindness #VisionProblems
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Are you looking for a new tablet?

#Amazon #FireTablets

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Planning to live in Singapore? Already living in Singapore and wants to know more about the city?

Discover more from these chapter books of 'Living In Singapore: Fourteenth Edition Reference Guide' by +American Association of Singapore.

Visit our store:

#Singapore #TravelGuide #ExpatsGuide
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New healthy recipe 'Cinnamon Pork with Rambutan Jam' by +Swee Lin Lim!

You can find out more on the basics of nutrition in her book '10 Easy Habits Of Eating Well Being Well' available now in digital copy:

#adalsebook #HealthyMeals #FoodRecipes

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Waterproof Amazon Kindle? Will you be interested?

#Amazon #eReader

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Congratulations to +Epigram Books on winning Best Fiction & Best Middle-Grade/YA Fiction with 'Now That Its Over' and 'Mount Emily Revisited' respectively on Singapore Book Awards 2017.

'Now That Its Over':

'Mount Emily Revisited':

#EpigramBooks #SingaporeBookAwards
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Ever wonder what and why some symbols are considered auspicious by the Chinese?

#ReadToDiscover #ChineseCulture #AsiapacBooks

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"If you have a deep insight into your strengths, you can be more successful at each step, more fulfilled, and you could potentially climb the career ladder faster."

By Mette Johansson, Author of "How to Make Yourself Promotable":

#ReadToDiscover #PersonalityTests

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Got your copy of +Phil Pringle's latest book 'IN HIM - A Daily Devotional' at the Presence Conference 2017?

It's also available now in eBook version at

#ReadToDiscover #PhilPringle #ChristianBooks
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