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Good luck to @marissamayer leaving Google to lead Yahoo!… Well done Yahoo! with this appointment

Excellent infographic... Do you know what is the other man-made structure visible from space (apart from China's Great Wall)?

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Technology overcomes bureaucracy!
As promised, here is a recording of the conversation with my dear friend His Holiness the Dalai Lama this morning. God bless you all!

Incredible rendition of Purple Rain by a homeless street musician in Denver
Purple Rain (acoustic cover) - Dred Scott (homeless Denver man) - Tyler Ward Featured Artist

Best prayer EVER! Pastor Joe Nelms - Nascar Nationwide - Nashville, TN
Only in Nashville, TN! Best pre-sporting event prayer ever?
Ricky Bobby would be proud...

What is Google+ (Google Plus) and do I need it?
Google+ vs Facebook. Well said.

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Google+ for iOS now available on the iTunes App Store

‎1 - Open Google Maps (directions)
2 - Type China as your starting point
3 - Type Taiwan as your destination.
4 - Read step 48

My Macbook Air needs to go in for repairs so I need to use a Windows laptop for a while... I am unable to find a free tool that converts my Outlook 2011 for Mac .olm file to Outlook for Windows .pst file. Nothing from Apple and nothing from Microsoft. You'd think at least Microsoft would want to provide a utility for users that want to switch from Mac to Windows (albeit temporarilly). Any ideas?
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