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Local Advertising with Google

A must watch if you want to understand the importance of Google Local and how to get your company found in local searches.  

+Google Partners interviews +Nordahl Ballingall of Google who gives some much needed clarification to this whole Local Google Search Business.  
There is no better place than on the web to advertise your local business

"Local advertising is a lot about your business listings on Google Places and the reviews you receive on there."  

"The social aspect is very important!  Try and engage with your local audience."

"Use AdWords to target a larger audience."

This is just some of the important take aways you will find in the below HOA brought to us by +Google Partners Community 
featuring +Nordahl Ballingall from Google who is the Global Social Lead SMB. He helps get Small and Medium Businesses on 
Local and Social.  This is a really informative interview about how to get businesses found locally in search.   

In fact, I have to say that this is by far the most up to date and comprehensive presentation of what Google Places is, what 
Local Google Plus is, and so much more that pertains to advertising for local companies using Google.  Not to mention this 
demonstrates to agencies how you can approach your clients about Local and social.

Here are a few other nuggets of information from Nordahl that I found very interesting and helps to really clear up some of the confusion related to Google Places, local, maps and how to manage local business listings.  

Proof that local information is being found on the web

48% of mobile have local intent.

25% for desktop.

This is not including Google Maps which is the #1 mobile app for smart phones.

72% of customers trust online reviews for small businesses, which is very important for local business.

78% of small business now get at least 25% of their new customers via Social Media. 

If you ask me, most local businesses are not aware of this and should be.  This is a strong indication of where local and mobile search is heading.  So the time is now to get in on this action.   

You will also learn about the importance of setting up the right identity for you business online by doing the following:

Setting up your Places Page
Upgrading to a Local G+ Page
engage with your audience- if you get a bad review, comment back and ask how you could better serve them in the future.
Make sure you have the right information displayed with Google across all their platforms.
Set-up your location extensions to display your business address or phone number below your advertisements.  

Find out the difference between Adwords Express found inside the Google Places Platform and your Adwords account.

Use Adwords to target the audience you want!  Create a link between your Google Places account to your Adwords account
using target Location Extensions.  Then use your business address to target your advertisement to a specified local area around your business.

You can access your data and measurement tools through Google places and Local G+ Page Dashboard.

Also pay close attention to the Local/Social hygiene checklist! 

Please give the video a plus and share for the +Google Partners  community.  This is one HOA that people should see if your looking to help businesses or your own to move up and understand local search.

Thanks so much and I hope you get as much out of this as I have!!

Thank you +Nordahl Ballingall  for your clear and informative explanations on what we need to know about Local Advertising with Google!!!
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Google Plus Hangouts just keep getting better and better

How you ask, well here is some up to date info from +Google Enterprise to help you get an idea of what's possible.  
So many tools to help you create awesome content now!!
Hangouts are changing the way businesses communicate, and today we’re rolling out a clean look that's now full screen across mobile and desktop, and it fixes and enhances webcam lighting automatically.

Find out more on the Official Google blog:
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New Hangouts Interface

The new interface looks pretty sharp, I got to say.  Here is what +Ronnie Bincer the Hangout Helper has to say if you want to find out what's what and where to find it!  
New Hangouts Interface... MOVE YOUR MOUSE!

90% of the questions you will have learning to use the new Hangout Interface will be covered if you Move Your Mouse!

The new interface look hides the Tools and Buttons to give you a Full Bleed Viewing experience - Move your mouse (finger on mobile) to reveal the controls... This includes the Exit button up top!

There will be plenty more tips from me soon enough, but this is The #1 Tip for sure!
=== ===
#HOAtips   #HangoutsTips   #HangoutsOnAir   #HangoutMastery   #TheHangoutHelper  
Signup to keep up:
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An example of how to work with Google's new Semantic Search and make it work

If you have found you no longer are listed  where you used to be in Google Search results, then you may want to look to those that are now in the number one spot for search, and look to how they are doing it.  

The web is changing and how search brings us results is not what it used to be even a few months ago. It really comes down to good solid content creation that is relative to what your business does.

Below, +Gplus Helper gives a perfect example of what this looks like when done right.  Now with semantic search, you will find more precisely what your looking, and find who you really need to be connecting with.  See why +Plus Your Business! is a great place for any company to start when asking "what is google+".  
How to be number one on Google

The importance of the #1 spot!

"When it comes to Google Search you may already know that you want to get on the first page for your search terms. The SEO world has changed with the advent of ‘Google Semantic Search’ and no longer is it all about ‘keywords’, although there is still a role for them. Check out the free resources where you will be able to learn the latest in the field!

But what if you could get to number one? What would the effect be then?

Well, in this quick post I… thought I would show you one example of exactly how powerful it can be using the example of “What is Google+?”

- Plus Your Business

Learn more at

#Search #SEO #Googleplus #Plushelp #Business
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Spikes:  Browse Fearlessly  

Here is something that may please many if you, at least those of you that are concerned with internet security, and you probably should be.  +Robert Scoble interviews Branden Spikes, founder and CEO of Spikes.  Spikes has created a new secure browser that could change internet security for everyone.  Will Spikes Browser be able to compete with the big browsers like Safari and Chrome?  I guess you will have to try it out and see.  

Great interview +Robert Scoble, thanks for sharing!
Does the world need another browser? Spikes thinks so

Spikes is a US based information security technology company founded by CEO, Branden Spikes— the former CIO of SpaceX and PayPal.

This is a cloud-based browser so avoids many of the security problems that come from inviting websites to do stuff on your local machine. If something goes wrong you just reboot your virtual machine on the cloud and back to browsing you go. Learn more at
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How to use Google Hangouts to Collaborate Even More

Here is another must see video from +martin shervington.  Simple, short and sweet!  As usual, Martin delivers great visual advise to help get the most out of your G+ platform. This #howtovideo   in particular is about Hangouts and how to access Hangouts efficiently, showing you what your options are and best practices.  Along with this is also how to incorporate Google Drive into your Hangouts with people you want to collaborate with on a project.

If this video helped you out and you are interested in seeing more well produced videos by Martin, I would strongly check out his YouTube channel, its full of much, much, more useful information.

Make sure you share this with your friends and colleagues so you can get into your Hangouts without Hang ups and start collaborating!!  

#hangouts   #googledocs   #collaboration   #googledrivetips  
Google Hangouts for even better collaboration! (NEW VIDEO - less than 4 mins)
This is a handy tip showing how to use Drive, circles and hangouts all together...
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The Users of Google Plus Know Best

Here is another great example of solid information you can trust from the pro users of Google Plus.  Check out +Google+ Helper to keep up with the users that know what's up in the Plus.  

Thanks for sharing +Thomas Finley 

Google+ and Google news and tips

I curate a webmag for all of you interested in Google Plus.
Here is the latest:

- What is Google Local? And how to set up a Page! - Martin Shervington

- Five Cool Ways to use Google+ for Photos | USA TODAY Talking Tech

- GooglePlus Helper: How to verify a Google+ business page

- Using Lower Thirds for Google+ Hangouts on Your Business Page

- Google Plus for Business – The Google Plus Features You Should Know

- Four Reasons Marketers Need to Embrace Google+

And much more!  You can subscribe to get the news in your email, if you wish.
Keep up with Google...  :-)

See all the articles:

#Googleplustips   #Plushelp   #Google   #Blogs   #News  
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Everything Google For Business

The best information needed to navigate around Google Plus and other Google products seems to come from the users of Google Plus and not necessarily from Google themselves.  Great people are now producing content and or collecting the correct content that can be incredibly helpful, but finding it is not always easy.  

Thanks to +Denis Labelle and +Michael Bennett and so many more people make it much easier to find what you need, allowing for a much more attainable overview of what you need to know now.  This is really important for businesses that needs to know now but don't  have the time to search for the right information and link it all together properly.  

Google does make a difference for your business, so please check out this informative post below and find out how your business can use Everything Google.    

 Thanks for sharing +David Amerland 
Everything Google by Mr. Everything Google +Denis Labelle 

Sometimes it's hard to keep up with all the amazing content flowing out of the endless well that we call Mr. Labelle. 

Here is a consolidated version of just some of his posts. If you have ever wanted to know anything about Google, Google Plus or any of the other amazing things available to us as users of Google's Suite of offerings, this will point you in any direction you choose to go.

It was 1 slide but the main portion, front and center is G+, and that just had to spill onto a second slide just in and of itself. Take a look and if you have any questions at all about Google that can't be answered here, well just ask! 

Thanks to +Paul Stickland for the seed of this idea. (Edit) Also Thank you to +martin shervington for adding a little strawberry on top of this post w/his most recent series being added by Denis on the bottom of the second slide. Thanks Martin. 

Hopefully this type of medium: posts via drive that contain active media via links, can allot for a much more dynamic pos.  They offer a great deal more than typical posts we have seen before. I would love to hear any/all opinions about this concept as well. Can these types of posts prove to be a game changer? They just might...

#GooglePlus   #Google   #YouTube   #SmallBusiness   #SMB   #SMM   #SocialMedia   #Drive   #Maps   #Adwords   #Adsense  
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A complete user guide to Google Drive

This is another informative video from +martin shervington covering everything you need to know in order to take full advantage of Google Drive.  It really is a Complete User Guide for Google Drive.  

Thanks for another great video Martin.  It seems so much simpler now.
A complete user guide to Google Drive (NEW VIDEO)
This is perfect if you are already using Google+ and want to take your skills into the cloud...

In this video we will look at four areas: Cloud, Creation, Communication and Collaboration
This all ties in very neatly to Google+ and will enhance your online experience in many new ways. Hope you find it useful!
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Bidder 70 - Trailer

This looks like this might be worth watching.  Letterman had Tim DeChristopher on his show and it was a great interview.  You can check out the interview here:       

Thanks for sharing this +OrigiCine.  
Indie Film Bidder 70 -- the story about Tim DeChristopher by Gage & Gage Productions. Follow Tim, Bidder 70, from college student to incarcerated felon.

Bidder 70 centers on an extraordinary, ingenious and effective act of civil disobedience demanding government and industry accountability. In 2008, University of Utah economics student Tim DeChristopher committed an act which would redefine patriotism in our time, igniting a spirit of civil disobedience in the name of climate justice.

Beth & George Gage, as Gage & Gage Productions, have created award-winning documentaries since 1993.!bidder70/c13x4!about/cee5!take_action/c1ke2
#indiefilmmakers #bidder70
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