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what is happening on our landing page?
Web browser as an Art Gallery. You might be wondering why last August that our main homepage wasn't loading the traditional logo. It was replaced by Lea Valle’s photo slides entitled “nutrition facts”. Last January it was replaced also ...

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In-Bound Posts
Post No Bill. Seems like words from new testament, commanding us to be pure and clean. But anyway, who isn’t doing it? Who isn’t putting posters up on the street? From advertisements of a hotel, to a political campaign, religious events, money loan, massage...

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TBT (The Big Trade) 2
TBT (The Big Trade) 2 held last November 17,2016 at Turtle's Nest. is a pop-up sticker trading event organized by After Vandalism. TBT 2 is the second event done this year which includes Sticker and Artwork Trade, Poster Display, artTalk, Fastest sticker co...

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Notes on the Art of Spoken Word
It Begins With Hugot  Spoken word poetry seems to be all the rage in the city
these days.   The performance art has
spread across the region like an unchecked strip of rashes, making its way as
another infectious millennial trend in many “literary” events. ...

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Say there’s a campfire and a happy band of savages are singing their Kumbaya’s and giving group hugs, high fives, air-kisses. Then, an evangelical Colombus-Captain Hook barges in, only to dampen the flame which is their way of life.    What rouses the littl...

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After 4 years since the last Sulat Kamay Graffiti Competition, we now have another live graffiti battle in Cebu. The first leg will be on October 1,2016 at Escario,Cebu. Below is the piece by SSF during the 2011 Sulat Kamay Cebu Leg.via Bek's blog If you ar...

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Whoop: Bahay Bahayan
Whoop brings graffiti and the world via National Geographic closer to home with his study-then-canvas dual-rendition of collaged images on Filipino houses. Each image of a Maranao, Ifugao, Spanish, Colonial and Barung-barong house form the base of a study. ...

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Rundom 3
A photo posted by Graphic Surgery (@graphicsurgery) on Sep 27, 2016 at 10:16pm PDT A photo posted by Cleon Peterson (@cleonpeterson) on Sep 27, 2016 at 9:43am PDT A photo posted by toy story (@quantity_time) on Sep 27, 2016 at 10:07am PDT

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Pokemon Go: Extinction and New Specie.
On a rainy afternoon,an old guy sipping stallion in 7/11 began talking about his childhood.Maybe he was tipsy. He was telling me how envious he was of his friends and neighbors going out everyday and night hunting for wild animals as pets and food. He could...

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Nutrition Facts is a photographic series of Banaybanay mining sites by Leah Valle will be exhibited at 856 G Gallery on August 12, 2016. There is also a parallel web exhibition on . This exhibition is a StreetKonect and Tropical Futu...
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