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[TEAM ONLY] Information  - 
date: 2017/01/15

# <Device ID> <lunchcombo> <branch> <maintainer e-mail>
# AICP nightly target list
1 aicp_m7-userdebug n7.1
15 aicp_d802-userdebug n7.1
43 aicp_bacon-userdebug n7.1
45 aicp_klte-userdebug n7.1
64 aicp_d855-userdebug n7.1
70 aicp_shamu-userdebug n7.1
71 aicp_flounder-userdebug n7.1
81 aicp_armani-userdebug n7.1
82 aicp_condor-userdebug n7.1
88 aicp_huashan-userdebug n7.1
90 aicp_cancro-userdebug n7.1
91 aicp_lettuce-userdebug n7.1
94 aicp_clark-userdebug n7.1
95 aicp_oneplus2-userdebug n7.1
96 aicp_h815-userdebug n7.1
97 aicp_angler-userdebug n7.1,
104 aicp_i9100-userdebug n7.1
105 aicp_osprey-userdebug n7.1
107 aicp_onyx-userdebug n7.1
108 aicp_lux-userdebug n7.1
110 aicp_wt88047-userdebug n7.1
116 aicp_kenzo-userdebug n7.1
117 aicp_oneplus3-userdebug n7.1
120 aicp_Z00A-userdebug n7.1
121 aicp_Z008-userdebug n7.1
122 aicp_h811-userdebug n7.1
123 aicp_amami-userdebug n7.1
126 aicp_n7100-userdebug n7.1
129 aicp_shamrock-userdebug n7.1,,
130 aicp_seed-userdebug n7.1,
131 aicp_hydrogen-userdebug n7.1,
132 aicp_l01f-userdebug n7.1
133 aicp_kltekdi-userdebug n7.1
134 aicp_peach-userdebug n7.1
135 aicp_ferrari-userdebug n7.1
136 aicp_athene-userdebug n7.1
139 aicp_kiwi-userdebug n7.1,

# Devices to be built on Monday
6 aicp_flo-userdebug n7.1
12 aicp_i9300-userdebug n7.1
137 aicp_libra-userdebug n7.1

# Devices to be built on Tuesday
5 aicp_deb-userdebug n7.1,
118 aicp_shieldtablet-userdebug n7.1

# Devices to be built on Wednesday
27 aicp_d800-userdebug n7.1
28 aicp_d801-userdebug n7.1
29 aicp_d803-userdebug n7.1
36 aicp_vs980-userdebug n7.1
44 aicp_ls980-userdebug n7.1

# Devices to be built on Thursday
61 aicp_d850-userdebug n7.1
62 aicp_d851-userdebug n7.1
63 aicp_d852-userdebug n7.1
65 aicp_vs985-userdebug n7.1
66 aicp_ls990-userdebug n7.1
137 aicp_libra-userdebug n7.1

# Devices to be built on Friday
56 aicp_jfltexx-userdebug n7.1
58 aicp_jfltevzw-userdebug n7.1

# Devices to be built on Saturday
109 aicp_surnia-userdebug n7.1 eldainosor@gmail.comv
138 aicp_castor_windy-userdebug n7.1
140 aicp_castor-userdebug n7.1

# Devices to be built on Sunday
48 aicp_serrano3gxx-userdebug n7.1
53 aicp_serranoltexx-userdebug n7.1


Ralf Luther

Announcement  - 
You know what it means, lol

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It's peanuts butter jelly time 
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Ralf Luther

[TEAM ONLY] Information  - 
As this happens more and more often here & we will not tolerate it anymore...

Android Ice Cold Project ROM Community Rules:

- Don't ask for any ETA for a device or beg for a version for your unsupported device. You will get banned immediately!
- This is NOT the help site for building problems!
- Please post in ENGLISH, if you want the team to reply.
- Only Nougat (= AICP12.x) are officially supported!
- Keep Posts RELEVANT to the ROM.
- Post in the correct subthread, e.g. Xiaomi, bug reports, etc.
- Include your device & build for questions & bug reports.
- If you found a bug: Provide the logcat for it (using AicpExtras "Log that shit"-Option) or an App like Syslog, if the log is too big.
- We can (!) not support you, if you got modifications, e.g. Xposed framework, custom kernel, etc. installed.

 - NO spam, profanity, violence, or hate speech.
- NO nudity or pornography.
- NO promotions / advertisements.
- Original posts please!

Violations of the above will result in a ban from this community without further notice!

Ralf Luther

[TEAM ONLY] Information  - 
Update 5a:
1. 7.1.1 merge is done.
2. OMS merge is done.
3. Servers back to normal, so builds for nighties are resumed...

And our thank goes to +Michele Bono​, +doc HD​, +Vatsal Koradia​, Joshua, Hector and the rest of the "test rabbit"-bunch...

Ralf Luther

[TEAM ONLY] Information  - 
Update 4: Everybody hold on to their latest builds.

a) Yes, we messed around with the build servers, what will be sorted out today (hopefully). Apologies for that.
b) Yes, CM merged 7.1.1, which broke all our builds until get it merged and sorted it out. It is a massive (!) change, which does not make it easier for us... but almost there.
c) OMS7 full Support will be added after the ROM is stable running 7.1.1., blame us & CM... 😉

Ralf Luther

AICP Nougat  - 
Don't know who asked a few days ago (so hands up for the one that did) and wanted to know if Viper4Android should work on AICP 12.1...

Well, hell YES... The full package... 😉

I used BusyBox 1.25.1, DivineBeats 8.5beta1, flashed through TWRP.
Clear caches, reboot, install v4a drivers at its startup, reboot...Have fun.
(DivineBeats uninstalls AudioFX automatically)

Almost forgot... It does not work with Pulse... 😒
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+Ralf Luther absolutely man sorry.. 
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Ralf Luther

Shared publicly  - 
So one just gets a notification for a G+ post and opens the drawer to see:

the boss is observing you, lol 😱😱😱😵😵😵
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Could unban me in the community? I realized my mistakes
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Ralf Luther

[TEAM ONLY] Information  - 
Update 3: Well, the new Servers started building. Builds are Setup on 2 and a half machines so we should get nightlies faster ;)

There are still some things to do (web site, stats, etc.),
but that should not affect the builds...

This means we will provide official n7.1 builds again for the following devices at the moment:

Device - Maintainer(s)
hammerhead -
mako -
i9300 -
d802 -
d800 -
d801 -
d803 -
vs980 -
bacon -
ls980 -
klte -
serrano3gxx -
serranoltexx -
jfltexx -
jfltevzw -
d850 -
d851 -
d852 -
d855 -
vs985 -
ls990 -
shamu -
flounder -
huashan -
clark -
oneplus2 -
h815 -
angler -,
bullhead -
victara -
osprey -
lux -
surnia -
wt88047 -
kenzo -
oneplus3 -
shieldtablet -
Z00A -
Z008 -
h811 -
amami -
n7100 -
shamrock -,,
seed -,,
hydrogen -,

dior - ON HOLD (as it lacks the maintainer)
titan - ON HOLD (as it lacks the maintainer)
htc m-series - ON HOLD (as it lacks the maintainer)


Ralf Luther

[TEAM ONLY] Information  - 
Update2: we are almost done with servers.

Currently devices are readded one by one and some devices are up, although not everything is working perfect, e.g. the changelogs. So you can consider it a "test phase".

We might still change things "under the hood" and as devices are updated from their trees, you can expect new nighties shortly for all supported devices...

(btw: exchanged one Server for now, because the HDDs were grilled & fried)


Ralf Luther

Bug reports + logcats  - 
A note to all flashers:

Guys, we might have found the cause of the random reboots that were nagging on almost all devices on "N" for weeks now.

The possible fix will be in the nightlies for all devices after (!) the 161125 builds... and thus we need YOU for testing it.

Please look out for random reboots on your device and POST here with your device & build date, when one happens to you.

Thanks in advance to all "testers"...and please, please just post the results in this post & not spam around, okay? - Will not get easier for us to filter the correct comment out... ;)
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I can confirm random reboot free after 48 h with post 1125 builds (D855/16)
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