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This Community is for officially supported and build devices ONLY. We cannot help on devices and builds done by someone somewhere...
Google search is a friend, use it!

Android Ice Cold Project ROM Community Rules:

- Don't ask for any ETA or beg for a version for your unsupported device.
(You can search yourself on sites like XDA for them!)
- This is NOT the help site for building problems!
- Please post in ENGLISH, if you want the team!
- Only Oreo (=AICP13.1) is officially supported by now!
- Keep Posts RELEVANT to the ROM.
- Post in the correct subthread, e.g. Bug reports & Logcats, etc.
"Team only" means exactly that, so post in there and you will be banned.
- Include your device & build for questions and bug reports.
- If you found a bug: Provide the logcat for it with an App like Syslog or Matlog.
- Please disable ALL applied theme overlays COMPLETELY before reporting a bug.
- We can not fully support you, if you got modifications, e.g. custom kernel, Greenify, etc. installed.
- We can and will not support questions regarding Xposed, Jio or VoLTE.
- Yes, this ROM is unencrypted and does not force encrypt on purpose.
- We are not the Magisk dev or Chainfire (SuperSU dev), so please post in their threads regarding problems with a root solution.
- NO spamming, profanity, violence or hate speech.
- NO nudity or pornography.
- NO promotions / advertisements / giveaways or polls.
- Original posts please!

Violations of the above will result in a ban from this community without further notice!

In addition, you might find the following posts helpful...

...on HOW to use the OTA-Center for Updates:

... about stopped device builds for AICP12.1 (Nougat):

... about the decision to build the ROM "rootless":

... about "how to take a log":
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What can I say, she's right. Sometimes one needs an older app version...
Sometimes it's necessary to go back to a previous version of an app, here's instructions for those who don't know
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A friend of mine needs some help.
So, if you can help - even with just a tiny little bit - feel free to do so.

Thanks everyone in advance for helping out here.
Well for those that know me and for those that don't ,, know that I recently lost my business due to my wife's health and her being on disability well since then due to a extremely bad back and spinal problem I've been dealing with and fighting to get on disability myself we are now on the verge of losing are vehicle and possibly our home , bills are piling up and I have no idea what to do are which direction to go . God only knows what is our out come doctor say it's a 50/50 chance surgery will help my back are I could be paralyzed so I'm afraid to do anything , so in short prey for us and hopes that we can overcome this and any help being I have no income and surgery if I choose is over $10,000.00 but the surgery is the least of our worries our truck is in the shop getting a new motor because it's the only means of transportation we have repo men looking for it we behind on our rent so we may be homeless to keep the truck and get rent paid up to date is $4,000.00 pay off for truck is $3,600.00 the rest is rent of our home which is montly . Again not sure how are what to do . Help is all I can ask for . -
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Just a notice.
I will do a bit "spring cleaning" on old subthreads here.
This means I delete some threads that are obsolete like AICP Nougat or Asus.
We will lose all posts in there, but I want to restructure this here.
We reached the maximum number of subthreads on G+, so this is the only way to do it.

I will, for example, make a new subforum for guys wanting to post their unofficial builds into... (But please keep in mind to delete your old obsolete ROM links yourself...)

#StayIceCold (or was it #coldAF ?) 😊
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Just to let the users know...
Please keep in mind that SuperSU development has been stopped and will not continue. Maybe a change to Magisk might be a good idea in the near future. 😐
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Changes... lalala

The team spend a lot of time and effort to bring up some changes.
So I thought I'll let you know:

a) button inversion is solved, yes. Our fault, but fixed now.
b) ROM will switch to DUI hardware button support (away from Lineage). I will write a few words further down here...
c) volume panel background color on Dark theme is now displayed correctly.
x) ...even more, but I am lazy, haha.

About the buttons:

1. Hardware button settings are centralized in AICP Extras now.
2. Buttons are freely configurable with functions like on DU smartbar for on-screen navigation.
3. WIP: re-add button lighting and connection to the screen brightness.
4. Powermenu settings (in Hardware buttons)
5. Possibility to turn hardware buttons OFF completely.
6. Moving settings for the Additional buttons from Settings/system to AICP Extras ( So it hopefully will not look that cluttered anymore).

As it is a Work-In-Progress, we had to revert some features that might be added back later, as they were kinda linked to Lineage buttons (e.g. Accidental touch, etc.).

This means for devices without hardware keys a few changes too. In short:

a. Hardware buttons on device (namely functions for volume keys) can now be found in AICP Extras hardware buttons and not Settings/System anymore.
b. This does not effect Gestures, they will stil be in Settings/System
c. You will lose some functionality on AOSP navbar for now (if you are using it). I still advise to switch to Smartbar or Fling in AICP Extras...
This means some features like Pixel animation on Standard Navbar will be gone at the moment, but it should "work" better.

We hope that will not cause some new irritations or issues. But feel free to post here, if you encounter something "strange".

#StayIceCold :)
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