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Did I find a bug about wrong calculation of the week number?

{dw} gives 1. Last week it gave 0.
If January 1st falls on or before thursday, that week will be week 1.

I was browsing through my watchfaces on my Gear S3, and there are multiple faces which I didn't install.
They all cost $0.99 each.
I tried to remove those faces, but they keep reappearing.
I've got the premium version could there be something wrong with my subscription?

Since 2 days my AOD doesn't show anymore on any faces.
I'd set the max brightness in dim mode to 15% which worked fine, but all of a sudden it doesn't work anymore.

Phone SW : 4.7.2 (2247202) Premium
Watch SW : 4.6.7

How do you people create new watchfaces?
I'm getting a little bit frustrated from time to time because of the small 'buttons' on my Galaxy S8+.
Is there an app to use on the computer, maybe even webbased with export option to phone? I'm using Linux, so webbased would be the nicest ;)

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I was wondering....
Is it possible to use multiple sorts of time with Watchmaker?

Like Swatch the beat ( .
Stardate etc.

I'd love to create my watchfaces on the computer. Is there any way to do that with this app?

Is there something wrong with the login for Watchmaker?
I can't login on the website.
On my phone I see my nick mentioned, but when I select it, I need to enter my credentials. And those are wrong.

Password reset returns that my emailaddress doesn't exist.

Since a few weeks (I think after an update?) the location on my watchface and in the app aren't updated anymore as it used to be.

I tried the weather providers OpenWeatherMap and Yahoo Weather and both seem to work once after changing the provider.

Just now after a try or 5 this day the timestamp of Last Refresh changed from yesterday in today, but the location is still wrong.

Phone : Samsung Galaxy S8+
Watch : Samsung Gear S3

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My new WatchMaker face!
Digits FF
Based on Digits by Lbokhout.

Get WatchMaker now on Google Play or App Store

Tap the time to show stepcounter, distance (km) and heartbeat.
Tap the word 'TIME' for a stopwatch.
Tap the temperature for the forecast for today + a 5 day forecast.
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