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Some updated builds for your p4wifi or p4tmo tablets.. Camera is still broken, but we're working on it.
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Hahahahah! I literally just flashed the first one seconds ago. Do I need to wipe for this?
No wipe should be needed if you are using the build I posted before.
Sweet. Yeah that is hysterical, I just posted that I finished the install and you drop an update. Smooth. ;)
Is the p4tmo the one that works with european 7500 wifi/3g?
p4tmo I assume p4tmo is the T-Mobile version yeah?
Yeah! But there is a version that works, as I just posted. Just wondering if any of these apply...
Can I after installing this ROM just get the updates via ROM manager?
can someone post where can I get the latest gapps? I just got the latest ones from and they don't seem to work now. It won't let me add a Google Account anymore.
Thanks +Thomas Tenkely it turns out that taking +Steve Kondik word on not wiping won't work if you are also planning on re-installing gapps. So the original gapps I had worked after doing the full wipe.
P7510 installing the 3/02 P4Wifi over the 2/19 P4wifi --- receiving assert failed after wiping cache and Dalvik, and again without wiping either, and again twice after downloading the P4Wifi. ?/ Any help thx
+sahran shaoul open the zip file and remove the assert line from the updater script. Btw +Galaxy Tab CM is this going to be fixed once the official nightlies are out?
Might be a trivial question, but I'm curious. Does anyone know why the file name starts with 'P4'?
Removed the assert line from the updater script , re-zipped now I have a different error, I will just wait for the next one. Thanks to Tony Silvar for trying to help.
Anyone know yet if the p4tmo build works with the Euro P7500 3G model?
Just installed the p4tmo snapshot on my P7500 Euro 3G Tab, it works perfectly.
Who can help me with a ics kernel for galaxy tab p1010??? Add me.
+Jacob Markussen camera still doesn't work (need Samsung to release libs for that). Just tested the GPS with GPS Test, it works perfectly.
I have been holding off on installing because of the camera issue since I use it. Has Samsung indicted when or if they will release the came libs? 
The camera libs will become available once Samsung releases an official ICS ROM for the Tab 10.1. It's anyone's guess as to when that release will happen. Not sure why so many people want to be able to use their Tab 10.1's camera though, I always found the camera on the Tab 10.1 to be inferior.
Thanks. I use the camera for Skype when out of town, so I like to have it.
Fair enough. Admittedly it isn't fun to not be able to use a feature, but for me CM9 is just too good to pass up.
Gmail and map crash often, is it me? Not complaining, just an observation.
Full wipe many times. +Matthew Thompson
Here is a portion of logcat, something is not good with OpenGL:

D/OpenGLRenderer(29022): GL error from OpenGLRenderer: 0x505
E/OpenGLRenderer(29022): OpenGLRenderer is out of memory!
D/NvOsDebugPrintf(29022): NvRmChannelSubmit failed (err = 196623, SyncPointValue = 3400513)
D/OpenGLRenderer(29022): GL error from OpenGLRenderer: 0x505
E/OpenGLRenderer(29022): OpenGLRenderer is out of memory!
D/OpenGLRenderer(29022): GL error from OpenGLRenderer: 0x505
E/OpenGLRenderer(29022): OpenGLRenderer is out of memory!
D/NvOsDebugPrintf(29022): NvRmChannelSubmit failed (err = 196623, SyncPointValue = 3400513)
D/OpenGLRenderer(29022): GL error from OpenGLRenderer: 0x505
I recommend the recovery from Steve Kondik's other tab thread. Seems to be newer than Pershoot's and no assert issues.
+Matthew Thompson Primary reason for me to want the camera is for video chats on skype and hangouts... Other than that I sometimes use it for taking pictures of things to draw on/after, which is kinda nice...
Do we need to flash the recovery.img through fastboot before flashing this on a non I/O tab 10.1?
+Douglas Boehme How do you flash the recovery on a non i/o tab? Can someone tar it up and post link?
What Sudhir said. Just click on Steve's face (sounds rude, sorry Steve) and you'll see a posting for the first tab alpha. Someone has a dropbox link where you download the tar file (md5 extension). Use odin to flash. If you dont know how to use odin youll have to do some digging.
Will p4tmo work for the 10.1v? It doesn't have the exact same hw specs but I'd hate to miss out on this.. :)
+Matthew Thompson The camera on the 10.1v is 8MP and awesome, it actually records full HD in a better quality then most videocamera's. Pictures are sharp and colourful..
Thanks for the official update. I did notice on my tab that the wifi mac address changed. Is that normal?
I just tried installing the tmo on my p7500 3g, but got some assert error. I think I read about it somewhere, but can't find it now. Any hints?
Sorry I´m new on the group... I have question... p4tmo is the same than p1000 (7 inches).. can I flash this Rom?
+Alfred Haider Thanks man! I saw that thing with the assert somewhere, just couldn't remember where to find it ;-)
I'll try it immediately!
+Alfred Haider Still not working, now I got a new error just saying that there is an error in the .zip (Status 6)...
Back to the KANG I guess...
The link for both the wifi and tmo images appears to be broken, seems the Jenkins archives for the builds in question have gone missing.
Why are the official ICS builds built around the latest Linux kernel (3.0.2+ or 2.6.39+) and and the GT 10.1 CM9 Rom is using I'm asking because I keep seeing app incompatibility issues with those who are using CM9 and some of the newer ICS specific apps in the Play Market. Is it causing an incompatibility or is it coming from somewhere else?
Until the download links are fixed is there an alternative download source?
Do the p4 builds have any reliance on the size of the memory in it? I am running a 32GB 10.1 Wifi and the Cyanogen Forums show it is specifically for 16GB 10.1s... Anyone have any idea if these builds would run on my 32?
Well I installed the snapshot and it runs amazingly... Has anyone else noticed though that Youtube is labeled as "Incompatible" with our devices currently? Is it possible due to the fact that I still have the old Android market instead of the play market?
any idea when PPTP vpn is going to be fixed? cheers!
hi, the links are broken and i can't download the file
is there a blog or something online tracking progress on these builds, providing install guides, and reporting bugs? similar to what they have for the epic cm blog?
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