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I've been playing around a bit with this website to make a new keyboard layout:

There are a lot of antiquated concepts on the keyboard that would be nice to move past. One issue I have with the current layout/concept is that, for a lot of us, there are keys we seldom press, but shortcuts requiring a modifier key (ctrl,alt,win) that we press frequently.

So take ctrl-z, ctrl-x, ctrl-c, ctrl-v. There are attempts to make new keyboard layouts that try to keep these in place due to people's familiarity and reliance on these shortcuts. I propose that these shortcuts might be good examples of just creating permanent keyboard locations for them. I realize this doesn't solve the issue of keeping them in the same spot, but it can solve the issue of requiring a modifier, removing that requirement from the equation, and then we can optimize keyboard layouts instead of compensating for shortcuts.

I thought a bit about the F1-F12 keys. The numbering makes it easy for new typers to find them when people say, "hey press alt-f4" or whatever, but I think we've reached the point where these should just be renamed to what they actually do. So F1 becomes Help. F5 becomes Refresh. F6 becomes Addr Bar. And so on. Maybe this would cause too much confusion.

The space bar is too wide. Not only do I believe it could be cut basically in half without hardly affected most people, but for the people that it would, I believe it would be an insignificant adjustment to their process. That frees up more useful keys to do the things we do all the time, instead of require modifer keys combos.

How often do people really use the modifier keys to the right of the space bar? I propose putting something more useful there as well.

Print Screen, imo, is an example of something that is used infrequently enough these days that it could just become a modifier combination. Sroll Lock/SysRq and Pause/Break can just go.

I'm wondering about the Insert key and just how frequently that gets used. Perhaps another modifier combo.

I realize a lot of folks use the Numeric keypad. But how often do they use the non-numeric functions? And how many people actually use them as a calculator still? Do we still need the math functions there or could we shorten this to just the numbers, period, and enter? Does the 0, Enter, and + really need to be that big? I have no idea about the answer to some of that. Maybe toss a $ or % key on there instead of Numlock or something. I do propose that the Numeric keypad stay purely for satisfying the need of people who can't live without it, instead of using some freed up key over there for something that most people want, which could potentially just go somewhere on the Tenkeyless portion of the keyboard.

My goal is to have a more efficient keyboard and a better layout, and then just have the numeric keypad tacked on for the folks that require it.

Also, I didn't take Mac into consideration whatsoever and I probably should.

I recently added shaving the back of my neck into my regular shaving routine. It sure is eating through blades, but I guess it's worth it as blades are cheap.

Anyone else shave the back of your neck every time you shave your face?

Can't install vCenter Appliance in a free license ESXi VM. But installing the non-appliance version, in a Windows VM, running on a free license ESXi vm, well apparently that's just fine and dandy. wtf vmware

Something seems to have happened about 2 months ago where almost no one I talk to knows how to end a phone call. My immediate assumption is that it is me. After analysis of multiple calls I've concluded that it is not me. Something horrible has infected the world.

It's simple folks
"Ok thanks for calling."
"Ok. Bye."

or even

I think I'm going to just start saying Click. Most people know what that means.

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This is so cringey.

The issue here is that Tom Woods isn't someone Sargon should be lecturing to. He's someone he should be listening to, and at most asking questions. But Tom Woods is having him on his show so the point is kind of for Sargon to talk... Which just isn't ideal here.

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How many times do you hear "Have a good weekend!" before Monday holidays like Memorial Day?
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Whoever thought up having customer service fill the call with bullshit, unnecessary, long scripted responses to everything you say, was out of their goddamn mind. Whoever saw other companies doing this nonsense and thought, "OOH That's what we should do!" was an idiot.

Calls shouldn't take three times as long just because every response has to sound like:

"My card has almost no balance on it. Why was my card declined?"

"Oh thank you for asking that question sir, that is a very good question. I will be happy to answer that for you, and please know you are speaking to the correct person to answer that question. So let me answer that question for you now, sir."


"Thank you for expressing how much you hate this customer support experience sir. Please allow me to proceed to now escalate the amount of nonsense that I will fill this call with while you impatiently wait there wishing you were just receiving the answers that I'm going to give you after I finish a monologue every time you answer a simple question."

Why not just?

"Why was my card declined."
"It wasn't declined. The merchant screwed up or the card is bad."
"Ok thanks that's all I need.

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I'm currently running ASA 5510s with basic configs. I'm considering migrating to Fortigates instead.

Anyone had any experience going from ASA to Fortigate? Any thoughts on it?
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