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Post Estrangement: Healing has Consequences
A friend sent me a quote recently asking me what it means to me when
applied to my trauma and my own personal healing journey of recovering from the
lingering effects of being abandoned.   The quote:  "Once you see it, you can’t unsee it.  And once you’ve
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My Daily Reflection: Loyalty
I am a loyal person.  Maybe I was taught
that loyalty is a virtue and I held on to that notion longer than is
useful.  The more I learn about
dysfunctional relationships the more I recognize that those who cause us harm
tend to want us to stay in their live...
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post estrangement: legacy of a legacy
“The way you love yourself is a direct reflection  of how your parents
loved you. If they were critical, shaming, judgmental and  perfectionist; then that is how you will treat yourself.   If they didn’t support you lovingly then you will  struggle to be
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Post Estrangement: the role of authenticity in reconciliations
I recently heard this thought in a video I was watching “We can either have authenticity or we can simply preserve a
relationship.” ~ Dr. Gabor Mate If we put on a mask, pretend to be okay, talk about fluff we can
preserve a relationship. It is what we have...
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My Daily Reflections: Healing toward Authenticity
I recently watched a TEDx Talk given by Alison Ledgerwood, the
topic “Getting stuck in the negatives (and how to get unstuck).  I walked away from watching this video with a new perspective on healing, and an
entirely different spin on the work of healing. ...
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My Daily Reflection: Exploring the concept of Bypassing
Recently I have learned a new concept called Spiritual
bypass.   Definition: A spiritual bypass or spiritual bypassing  is
a "tendency to use spiritual ideas and practices  to sidestep or avoid
facing unresolved emotional  issues, psychological wounds, and ...
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My Daily Reflection: re-evaluating the nature of unconditional love
I am starting to
re-evaluate the nature of unconditional love.  I was taught that my
receiving love was conditional upon my behaviour.  If I behaved according to their rules and
their needs, and to their standard, then I earned the right to be loved but
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Reflection on the Healing Aspect of Solitude
Being away, alone, at one
with nature, I call that solitude.  When
I am solitary I don't miss anyone.  When
I with people who don't get me, who hurt me, who trivialize what I am
experiencing....that is when I feel lonely. That is when I run back and embrace...
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Reflections on giving advice
I was pondering today, that we are
sometimes called upon to critique or give advice to a friend or family member,
to point out where they have gone wrong or where they could do better.  What we have not been taught is how or with
what intention to approach ...
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