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Vegan recipes and workout inspiration
Vegan recipes and workout inspiration


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This is so good, I could eat it every day. The sweetness of the mango combined with the chai spices makes it a real treat!

#vegan #veganrecipes #smoothiebowl

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What if I told you that you can make delicious brownies without using egg, milk or butter. Would you believe me? You should, because you can. These brownies will blow your mind!

#vegan #plantbased #dessert

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Lasagna is always very comforting. This recipe has been a go-to dish for me for quite some time now, but I haven't posted it on the blog until now.

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Fill your house or apartment with the wonderful smell of newly baked cinnamon rolls.

In this recipe, I made both the classic cinnamon filling, but also a new blueberry filling that I have come to love.

#vegan #vegetarian #veganbaking #cinnamonrolls

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If you don't want to knead, don't want to use yeast, and don't want to wait for the dough to rise, this is the bread for you!

Just mix the ingredients, pour into the form and bake.

#vegan #bread #baking #wholemeal

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Are you looking for a way to make your workouts more intense? Here is a list of some of the things that I use when I want to step up my training game.

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I waited for way too long before I made vegan french toast! These turned out great, and will really spark up your weekend breakfast!

#vegan #vegetarian #frenchtoast

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This is a classic that never goes out of style! One of the first recipes I learned how to make (1000 years ago) and still to this day, one of my favourites.

I guess it's the overall simplicity and versatility of the dish that gets to me. I have done it with added pumpkin, coconut milk, loads of different herbs, sweet potato, you name it. I still think it's best with just carrot and oregano though.


or pin it for later

#vegan #vegetarian #glutenfree

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This egg-free vegan quiche makes a great low-fat, low-cholesterol alternative to the original quiche. Feel free to substitute the vegetables with your favourites.

Happy cooking!

#vegan #recipe #quiche

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Unsure what you are going to have as a side-dish? This Ajvar is the solution to your problem.

It keeps up in the refrigerator for up to 14 days and you can use it as sandwich spread, dip or pretty much anything else you can come to think of.
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