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Tetap Berkarya Sahabatku,Karna ditanganmu Negeri ini Meraih Mimpi
Tetap Berkarya Sahabatku,Karna ditanganmu Negeri ini Meraih Mimpi

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Morning guys ... Here some exercise for you all.
Use too & very for the answers

Clue ...
too .. Used if the condition we have is a problem
While ..
very ... Used if the condition we have is not a problem

#happy learning

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+Nanik Astutik

1. As I have just had a tooth ----, I am not allowed to eat or drink anything for three hours.

A) run out
B) tried on
C) crossed out
D) taken out
E) broken off

2. You need to ---- your essay for spell-check before you hand in your exam paper.

A) hang out
B) point out
C) cut off
D) go over
E) give away

3. It is not easy for many civil servants to ---- on their salaries as the inflation rates are extremely high.

A) get by
B) turn up
C) wear out
D) run over
E) take away

4. You'd better ---- your cigarette as it is extremely dangerous to smoke in a petrol station.

A) hold up
B) pull through
C) get through
D) hang up
E) put out

5. Jane found it hard to get up from the bed after the alarm clock ---- at seven.

A) broke in
B) took out
C) sent out
D) went off
E) threw up

6. There is an easy way to ---- four species of wild cats living in this region by their tail patterns.

A) tell apart
B) see to
C) clear up
D) back up
E) call for

7. I thought the party was going to be boring, but it ---- to be the most unforgettable evening of my life.

A) turned out
B) looked around
C) passed away
D) fell back on
E) cut down

8. I find it hard to ---- with the other students in the Italian class as they have been attending the classes more regularly than I do.

A) fall through
B) call in
C) do away
D) catch up
E) come up

9. The first National Food and Nutrition Survey was -- in 1980 and the most recent one in 1992.

A) carried out
B) dropped out
C) figured out
D) brought about
E) checked in

10. The summit was earlier to be held in March but was -- due to the tsunami disaster that hit India, Sri Lanka and the Maldives.

A) paid off
B) crossed out
C) put off
D) dropped in
E) turned down

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Hi friends ...... Can you give an opinion? Which of the following which you most afraid of?

1- volcanic eruptions.
2-The Flood.

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