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Kelly Urban
Blogger, contest queen, crafty wannabe.
Blogger, contest queen, crafty wannabe.

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One year
Late as usual here but computer issues this time. My wild child turned one recently.  And she is ready to attack toddler hood full speed ahead. She is a pro at climbing stairs...and boxes...and whatever she can find. I've seen her take 1-2 steps but she can...

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52 weeks
And this is it.  The last of the weekly updates.  And since Mallory is our last child (like 95% sure) I won't have to do another one of these.  Or get to.  I mean I'm late almost every single week, but it's still nice to look back and compare her growth. Fe...

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Mallory ~51 weeks~
Misc: Girl is a wild woman.  She is fearless and so busy. Sleep: She actually fell asleep in her high chair one day which is so unusual for her.  She still winds up in bed with me often, but I'd say sleep is a little better.  Not great, but better. Feeding ...

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Mallory 50 Weeks
FIFTY!!  Food: Lots of it!  Nothing new but loving corn, chicken and triscut crackers this week.  Oh I did fill a food pouch for her and she can manage to suck it down which is nice that she can manage that.   Misc: She's been pooping a lot lately.  Like mo...

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Mallory 11 Months
Late as usual Still in the size 3 disposable diapers.  I have so many of them so hopefully she stays in them for a while.  I think it's time to go down a rise on cloth diapers. Mallory is wearing 6-9 month onesies, 9 month pants, and heading into 9 month ja...

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~Mallory~ 49 weeks
Misc: Apparently she is a pro at climbing stairs.  I let her try once in the basement a few weeks ago and she made it up one, but at our friends I decided to see how far she could go and she made it up like 6.  Eleanor never did them this early, but I also ...

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48 weeks ~Mallory~
Misc: I was telling a friend she hadn't fgured out how to clap and was showing Mallory and then she started clappping and has been doing it since.  It's legit like the cutest thing She also popped a new tooth which makes number 5. Food: Stretching out feedi...

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Mallory ~47 Weeks~
Misc: She's getting great at standing.  She can stand with very minimal leaning on/against anything. First time in a big girl car seat.  Food:   Not a brand new thing, but she's been loving oranges/mandarians a lot recently Sleep:   I've stopped using the s...

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46 week update ~Mallory~
I am horrible at getting these done on time so I'm almost glad to be in the home stretch.  However that means I will have a baby who is no longer a baby.  Feeding: Yogurt has been a hit this week. Sleeping: A little better this week for the most part.  But ...

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Mallory ~10 months~
Crawling! Pulling up!   Size 3 diapers.  9 month pants, 6-9 month onesies, moving into 9 month pajamas. I have to figure out how to get shoes on her and keep them on now that it's getting cold. I feel like she's talking more.  I mean that she can repeat sou...
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