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Chrystel Janne
A passionate crafter living in Western Kentucky
A passionate crafter living in Western Kentucky

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Soul Searching
  As we enter the season of Lent, I am doing a bit of soul
searching. Why am I writing this blog? I tell myself it is to "connect
with other crafters;" but in reality it is to see if I can gather a
following. It's about affirmation of my abilities. It's abo...

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Positive Prayer Flag Swap

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When I was invited to participate in a Facebook prayer
flag project, of course I said yes! The objective was to promote positive thoughts in today’s
stressful environment; thus The Positive
Prayer Flag Swap . The basic instructions were to make the traditio...

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Step into my studio and what will you see; chaos,
clutter, a mess? To the untrained eye noncrafter, I am sure that
would be the case. Actually what I have here is a series of UFOs (unfinished
objects.) I have my current drawing class assignment, which is du...

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Sending a bit of hope
If you folks are like me, you are making the most of the
gloomy winter by staying inside a warm house and crafting away. It all seems
pretty serene until you turn on the news or check social media and the awareness of
the Syrian Refugee Crisis creeps into y...

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My One Word for 2017

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And my word is................
It is time to choose My One Word to inspire
and help me make positive changes throughout the year. I discovered the One Word in 2013; a concept that
replaces New Year’s resolutions. As My One Word website explains it “ My One Word is an experiment designed ...
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