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Summertime is here So. FL!!! Stay cool with JuiceBuzz.... we have the best #organic #coldpress #juices and Delicious #smoothies around. Try our Taste of Summer juice with watermelon, or our Refresher Smoothie with pineapple.

Buy a #giftcard this week @juicebuzz for your friends and family and coworkers give the #giftofhealth #healthiswealth buy $25 and get a free shot buy $50 get a free juice buy $100 get a free smoothie 

Do you know the difference between cold press and HPP? High pressure process is still a  process of pasteurization  which large companies use to extend shelf life of juices and that destroys the valuable nutrients and enzymes. #coldpress on a #norwalk is by far the best way to maintain the most #nutrientdense and high #quality juices. That is what we do +JuiceBuzz 6 NE 5th Avenue #delraybeach  We are here everyday. Check us out on #facebook  and #instagram  as #juicebuzzdelray #organic   #real   #raw  

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Have you reviewed us yet? Well we are just over a year old and we continue to learn and grow! Although WE KNOW that we do make the cleanest and highest quality juices around, with the least amount of fruit and NO WATER... we would like to hear your feedback. For some "perception is reality". So we like to educate our guests -- we COLD PRESS it is FRESH even if not done in front of you. You WILL Get the most amount of nutrients and the most REAL tasting, flavorful yet more importantly from the most highest of integrity. Thank you for listening and trusting. 

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