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"Jason Bourne meets The Da Vinci Code" - Milkshake is currently FREE for this weekend only on Amazon. The sequel The Destiny Stone is also on a Kindle Countdown promo starting shortly at 99c. Get them both!

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Born between '62 and '82? This is the site for you. Generation X will be the first truly digital retirees; familiar with all things internet, comfortable with mobile devices, online social interaction. But is it all ready to cope with us? What do WE want to make our lives easier, more rewarding as Gen X becomes the first generation to use the internet to influence and shape their retirement in just a few years from now.

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For the first time in over a year, my debut novel 'Milkshake is currently available FREE at your local Amazon site. 20 hours into the free -all-weekend promo and already over 300 copies downloaded. Help yourself!

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Revamped, redesigned, rejigged with additional new content including a glossary (under ongoing construction) of the facts hidden among the fiction. The Destiny Stone website. Take a look.

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Today is a national day of mutual celebration in New Zealand - Waitangi Day - celebrating the Treaty between the indigenous Maori and Queen Victoria's government. But in 2005 the Treaty was nearly declared null & void. Read why in The Destiny Stone.

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You don’t know me but after you’ve read this message, please verify my credentials via the internet. 

This concerns you.

The American Government is aware of a plot by a Scottish Pro-Islamic group to simultaneously destabilize the governments of many nations by undermining the rule of law. If the Stone of Scone is stolen and proven to be a fake, 800 years of British Rule will be null and void. Every King and Queen since Edward the First has ascended the English throne unlawfully. They were not entitled to give their assent to any law passed. All such laws passed by British and Commonwealth Governments would effectively be wiped from existence. Chaos and anarchy would ensue almost immediately throughout western civilization.

I urge you most strongly to abandon such a theft or to pass this message to any group you may believe is considering executing such a plan.

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A small iron fish. A simple wooden box. a mysterious Stone, the Queen and the newly - elected Native American President. Between them the fate of the entire planet hangs in the balance...

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So, a small box with a strange green stone kept in a cupboard in Buckingham Palace which the Queen really should have paid more attention to on the eve of her coronation in 1953. What's all that about?...

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What might happen if the rule of law simply...disappeared?
If every Treaty, Statute or Act of Parliament was suddenly null and void?
Speeding? Theft? Murder? Nothing is illegal any longer.
How long before society collapsed and anarchy ensued?
What if a terrorist group had the knowledge and power to make it happen?
What if it nearly did in July 2005...?

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For one week in July 2005 the world stood on the brink of Armageddon.
Few people ever knew.
Fewer still could stop it.
The fact you're reading this means they succeeded.
Read how.
Inspired by actual events.
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