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Google Form Summary Data: I'd like to publish the summary of data and share that with specific people. The old google Forms used to have a Publish Analytics link.

New Google Forms? I'm going around in circles trying to figure out how to share the summary data.

Any ideas? Thanks! 

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Managed Bookmarks in OU: Something I forget. If I add a managed bookmarks folder to an OU, will it remove any of the users other bookmarks or just add the folder on the top left- in addition? 

New Google Sites! RE: Google Cert Educator Level 1.

Any idea if the Google Cert 1 test will reflect the NEW Google Sites? My teachers are not using the new version.

Force https.

I'm having trouble with a couple websites that my kids use often, not allowing camera or mic access (or remembering after this was allowed). They get an error that it isn't allowed, then we have to type in HTTPS to ensure they get the option to change it.

Is there a way to force https with some websites? This is annoying. 

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Old Google Plus. Gone forever? Tried going to today and I think I'm out of luck. 

What you you folks consider your best audio recording solution for Chromebooks? I was thinking of using Wevideo- and just using audio, but wasn't sure if there was something a bit simpler. 

ADD USER: I thought I had set up our machines to not allow guest mode, so that's done. However- wasn't there a way to prevent multiple users? Or is this just a chrome feature that they won't allow us to prevent? 

Games to promote touchpad skills. Can anyone suggest a Chrome Extention or game that can help our Kindergarten kids with their touchpad skills?

I have teachers that are dying to give kids an external mouse, but I told them to be patient and give the touchpad some time.

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