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Business simulations for business and education
Business simulations for business and education


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Dear friends! We still need Your support to realize the project. Be the first to contribute start-uppers!
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Back UP a Start-UP
Hello, I want to introduce a new kickstarter project Back UP a Start-UP, that needs your help. The goal of the project is to create a virtual environment for start-uppers to develop their business skills.
The truth is that the number of failing start-ups is awfully high, and one of the main reasons is the lack in competence and business based skills. These skills and knowledge can be obtained in virtual environment, where you can experiment, play and learn.
You can find more info by following the link.
We would be grateful for any help - financial support, likes and shares.
Thank you and good luck!
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Stealth #Learning: Unexpected Learning Opportunities Through #games. This article will cover stealth learning topics including unexpected learning opportunities, benefits, academic performance, and use of games in the classroom.
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#Startups. 3 main problems and 3 tips

A really great article and interview with Matt Clarck from on Forbes about main three problems and effective three strategies for start-uppers.

According to Matt these are main 3 problems:

Don't expect to be perfect. People make mistakes and learn from them. That is also called "to gain experience". If you observe any uber-successful #entrepreneur you’ll likely see many prior ventures that provided necessary learning experience.
Don’t get paralyzed by your fears. Worries often stop prospective entrepreneurs from building any #business at all. If you’re just stepping out of the starting gate, don’t squander your mental energy calculating how many thousands of steps you’ll take in the 24th and 25th miles of the race. Worrying prematurely will sap the valuable motivation you’ll need to pull you through the long road to succes.
Don’t get derailed by your first setback. When building a new business, understand that you will experience issues on a day-to-day basis. There will be customer service issues, product and inventory problems, employee issues. At one time or another, every area of the business will feel like it’s falling apart. This is the strain that comes from building something that’s never existed before by someone who’s never done it before (that’s you).
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Start-ups, what’s up with them?

Nowadays everybody knows what a #start -up is. Many know that their survival rate is quite low. However, not that many know why it happens and how important start-ups really are. So, do you know?

A couple of reasons why start-ups are important!

Start-ups create most of new jobs. Old companies usually tend to hire people on the rise and fire them on downfall, while start-ups, as new and growing business, simply create job places.
Start-ups are #innovation driven businesses; they are the ones that bring fresh ideas and products. While old-timers observe innovations from a safe distance, start-ups walk right into them to gain competitive advantage.
Start-ups are a goldmine for investors as ROI can be astonishing. Microsoft or Facebook anyone? According to “States that provide resources to innovative startups have demonstrated that they can generate up to $23 in state income for every $1 invested”. You can find their full article here.
Thus, not only start-ups greatly influence already stagnant economy of the world by creating jobs, but also they bring innovation and progress.

Frightening statistics!

According to Around 55% of start-ups in USA will go out of business in their 5th year. After 10 years, less than 30% will be still functional. states that more than 50% of UK’s small business fail in their first years.
And if we look around for opinions on the net, we’ll see even bigger numbers – 3 out of 4 go down, 90% or even 95% of failures, etc.
Truth is, even if we discard unbiased statements, official statistics is scary enough.

Why do they fail?

According to article, start-ups fail due to:

Incompetence - 45%.
Unbalanced experience or lack of managerial experience - 30%.
Lack of experiences in line of goods or services – 11%.
Neglect, fraud, disaster – 1%.
Various specialists name various reasons. However eventually you will see them to fall under one of these - lack of #business based knowledge, skills and experience. In other word, incompetence.

What can we do?

Simply reading clever books will not help. Theoretical knowledge is not always a solution. Certain skills come only from practice. However, real business is not always the best place to experiment. 
Now practicing in a virtual environment is a different story. Mistakes in a #business simulator will not cost you that much, if they will cost you anything at all. Experience and knowledge you will gain might be invaluable. As it will increase your chance in successfully developing your own start-up. 
The name of this simulator is Virtonomics. How is it different from other strategic online business games? It is based on a virtual economy, where real people make their decisions and influence the economy itself. Almost perfect business environment simulation. By playing this strategic business simulator you and your friends will learn how business works, how business day to day activities look like, you will be able to experiment and find out what works and what does not. 
Share and tell your friends, who have or are planning to have a start-up, about Virtonomics. They will thank you later.

In addition, our team will soon launch a kick-starter project for start-up development simulation. In general, it will be training grounds for start-uppers. 
Stay tuned for more news.
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Why #start-ups matter?

According to Forbes start-ups:
- Create the biggest amount of new jobs.
- Bring new perspective and ideas.
- Bring new opportunities to investors.
Full article here:

The usual start-ups failure reasons are lack of #business knowledge, skills and experience.
By playing Virtonomics you can:
- learn lots of useful stuff about business;
- develop your business skills;
- see a bigger picture in business.
So if you plan to start YOUR business (or know someone who is planing to), but lack business experience;
improve your (their) chances - play #Virtonomics. Oh, did I mention that it's free to play?
And remember, sharing is caring!
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Ever wondered what percent of start-ups fail in USA? Well, now you can find exact numbers in a given link.
In first year 25% of companies fail. This number grows to 36% on second year. And after 3 years it reaches 44%. 
For some it might not look that scary - market economy and natural competition.
But when you look at major reasons, well, this is frightening:
1. Incompetence - 46%
2. Unbalanced Experience or Lack of Managerial Experience - 30%
3. Lack of Experiences in line of goods or services - 11%
4. Neglect, fraud, disaster - 1%
It is scary how lack of knowledge and experience can break your dreams. But there is a solution in #Virtonomics
How #BusinessSimulationGame might help you? By playing #Virtonomics you can learn, gain valuable #BusinessExperience and develop necessary #BusinessSkills.
Flight simulators are used for a reason. So give yourself, your students, employees or colleagues a chance to grow and successfully fly this "plane of business".
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Educational games

A phenomenon of #learning while playing, has been observed in all intelligent species. Not only it’s educating and fun, it dramatically increases the brains capability of performing vital tasks. Starting from childhood – #educational toys and #games are laying the foundation for further knowledge uptake and the ability to overcome difficult challenges.

We have the ability to introduce educational games to university and college students and help them assimilate and reinforce their freshly obtained knowledge. Knowledge retrieval, during educational games, dramatically increases the overall percentage of information that stays in a long term memory. Instead of re-reading and memorizing by hard, students are able to understand the information they obtained during the curriculums by exercising it in a live simulation, together with their fellows.
#educationalgames #businessgames #gamifiedlectures   #gamification  
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