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PW Group marketing solutions company based in Tallaght, Dublin. We are a leading design company, print company, merchandise
PW Group marketing solutions company based in Tallaght, Dublin. We are a leading design company, print company, merchandise

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KIWI BOX Universal Charging Station - PWG Ireland
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The world's most compact foldable seat - PWG Sitpack
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How Can we help you?
– KiwiBox is a universal charging station that allows guests to charge all their devices no matter what the brand or model. We are compatible with all devices on the market and specialise in Smart-Eco Charging. Our patented system of interchangeable tips are able to recognise the brand/model of your smartphone to deliver exact amount of amperes required. Good for two reasons :

1. Takes care of your batteries and saves energy/electricity (Hotels worldwide waste up to 28% electricity annually).

2. KiwiBox also has a night/standby mode, turning off the LED charge indicators whilst continuing to charge your devices. When a device reaches 100% battery, that individual power-supply cuts off, managing each device’s requirements.

For more information click on our universal phone charging station and dock

Please drop over to our stand at the Hospitality Expo RDS, 6-7th February 2018-02-02
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According to a recent Amarách Research poll: The majority of people in Ireland would like to see the end use of single-use disposable coffee cups. The PW Group are helping clients to drive this campaign with their Scrappage Travel Mug Offer. We have a range of different reusable coffee cups, travel coffee mugs and keep cups to suit clients budgets and specific requirements.

Reusable branded Keep cups and travel mugs

Most of the coffee cups in circulation have a plastic film in the middle of the cup to retain heat and therefore cannot be recycled! Some of the statistics related to the waste is staggering.
Minister for Communication, Climate Action and the Environment, Denis Naughten said that he was “gravely concerned” about Ireland’s plastic waste pollution. “As a society we discard an incredible 80% of what we produce after a single use. It gravely concerns me that two million disposable coffee cups a day are going to our landfills.”

The PW Group want to reduce this and help companies to provide a range of suitable reusable coffee cups, travel coffee mugs and keep cups for their staff as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility duties. The new staff company branded reusable coffee cups, travel coffee mugs, keep cups and Travel Mugs can be used within the office environment and also for use in general coffee shops outside the office environment. At all times your company logo will be sitting proud on the employees Travel Mugs wherever they are enjoying their coffee. So everyone wins out with our scrappage travel mug offer, the company from a brand awareness point of view, the employee who receives the gift, and the environment as we are cutting down on all the waste!

To make all of this work, everyone needs a change of attitude. We all thought the scrapping of the plastic bags would never work and look how we all adapted so quickly!
Minister for the Environment Denis Naughten is considering a new “latte levy” which would see an additional 10-15c to be added to the price of a coffee.This would be similar to the plastic bag levy introduced to cut down on waste which had a very positive effect.

An attitudinal shift.

The PW Group wants to help with this attitude shift by providing suitable reusable coffee cups, travel coffee mugs, keep cups and reusable travel mugs to suit everybody’s budget and need. Different clients will have different requirements. They may order from our Contigo Travel Mug range which has a range of high specifications such as: keeping the fluids hotter for longer, good grip, anti spillage and the opening mechanism it is unique for. However, other clients may need alternative reusable coffee cups,travel coffee mugs, keep cups and reusable travel mugs which have less additional features as the Contigo range but suits their budget and requirements.

The good news is there is an additional incentive for people to make the change. Some of Ireland’s main coffee chains, such as Insomnia, Starbuck and Caffé Nero are incentivising their customers to bring in their own cups by offering discounts and additional loyalty stamps on purchases.
Join The PW group on our mission to progress this initiative and contact us today on 01- 4057070 and or email us on so we can help you with our Scrappage Mug campaign.
#reusablecup #keepcup #promotionalmug #brandedmug #brandedkeepcup
#travelmug #promotionalmerchandise to current Travel mug page
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10 tips to survive Christmas: tips from Dublin’s Top event management company

In addition to helping out our clients with marketing solutions we want to help everyone get through the Christmas period stress free!

So what can you do to survive the next few weeks and come out the other end actually feeling you have had a break, rather than feeling exhausted from all the stress involved.

A few festive tips from the PW group

1. Plan ahead.

As an Event management company in Dublin we know more than a few things here!

Try and start stocking up with the various supplies as soon as possible – try getting a few items over the remaining period along with your regular shopping. As for corporate branded gifts, try and have an emergency supply, just a few small gifts to save you from the red blushes in the event of someone arriving unexpectedly with a gift for you.

2.It’s the old cliché, but try not to embarrass yourself at the work Christmas party!

it is the time to let your hair down – but not at any cost! All too often people go a bit too far and then live to regret it. If you don’t care what an idiot you make of yourself, then go ahead, just make sure you are not causing a nuisance to anybody else. However, if you’re the type who is going spend the next six months red faced after kissing the office nerd, then just remember to take things easy.

3.Don’t over-inflate your expectations

Don’t expect to create the ‘perfect’ Christmas as it’s near likely to fall short of your expectations. The most important thing is for you and your family to have fun. That does not mean landing yourself in debt for the next 12 months by buying expensive gifts – just spending a bit of time together can be the best present. Remember, if something does not go quite to plan, it really is not the end of the world.

4. Don’t try and do everything

If you are responsible for cooking and hosting the Christmas Day activities, then don’t take it all upon yourself. Why not ask other family members to bring different parts of the meal, such as snacks, salads or desserts – don’t be afraid to ask for help. You could even rope in the kids to help out. Make sure you have some time for YOU, even if it’s just allowing yourself to watch one special TV show that you really want to see.

5. Everything in moderation

Christmas seems to be all about excess – but there is not much enjoyment in feeling the size of a padded Santa suit or as stuffed as the festive turkey! The best advice is moderation – apply it to everything you eat and drink. Drink moderate amounts of alcohol and try to alternate soft drinks or water with alcoholic ones. As for food, have a bit of what you fancy but try not to stuff your face if you can help it!


If you have overdone it on the alcohol, then it is important to get yourself back on an even keel. Even if you have been good, taking our advice consuming non-alcoholic drinks in between – the chances are you could still be feeling pretty rough. Don’t just sit there feeling ill – get up and drink plenty of water and diluted fruit juice to help your liver recover.

6. Get active the morning after

As soon as you are feeling remotely human, and your chances of throwing up have lessened, then think about doing some exercise. A brisk walk, light jog or swim will help work off those extra roast potatoes and all those second helpings you may have had. Getting active will also help you feel normal again, dispel any festive cabin fever and help repair some of the damage you have done to yourself.


Sleeping is the time when our bodies recover from the excesses of life. Drinking and eating too much can severely affect our sleep patterns, as can the frequent late nights that are a regular occurrence during the festive period. Over Christmas and New Year, many people are sleep-starved leaving them not fit for much after a few late nights, let alone being the life and soul of the party. Therefore, make sure you get some quality sleep – even if it is just a few hours.

8.Time off

If possible, plan your holidays so that you are not forced into going into work over the festive period. Many people try burning the candle at both ends, combining parties and work, and end up completely knackered. Time off in the run up to Christmas will prevent you from being overworked and over stressed by the time it arrives, so you will be in a better position to enjoy the whole experience.

9. Don’t be on your own

If you are concerned about being lonely over Christmas, either being single or unable to spend it with family, then do something about it now. Think about inviting a few others over who are in the same boat as you and consider offering your house as a venue for the event. Also try not to turn down any invitations to other festive events, provided that you are giving yourself a chance to recover in between!

10. A final word…

Christmas should be fun but if you find that previous years have not been enjoyable then consider doing something about it – try something different. One way would just be to get away from it all and remove the majority of the hassle from the whole festive experience. Although – we all know how stressful preparing for a holiday can be!

And remember in addition to helping out our clients with marketing solutions such as signage, event management, graphic design , print and promotional merchandise , we want to help everyone get through the Christmas period stress free!

Thank you to all our clients throughout the year and wishing you all a happy and prosperous 2018.

#eventmanager #event #eventmanagement

Have you get any more Festive survival tips to offer please comment below?
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6 Key Facts about Good Signage for your Business

Running a business can be very challenging no matter what the size or scale. Budgets need to be balanced, HR issues need to be addressed, Sales need to be made and often new ideas and products need to be developed. Brainstorming ideas around signage and or graphics can be perceived as just a ‘fun thing to do’. Sometimes it’s tough finding the time to put signage on the priority list!
The reality is that signage is not just fun and decoration; it’s a vital part of any business. If your signage is not professionally produced it will produce a negative perception of your business. This is equally important to both internal signage and external signage.
Here we share PW Group’s 6 facts that shows the importance of quality signage, as reported by the Ketchum Global Research and Analytics group:

1. Attract new footfall and traffic.
Over 75% of consumers indicated that they had entered an unfamiliar store purely based on compelling signage Our signage page Maybe your signage/Logo strikes a chord with the person. Your promotion could attract the eyes of a real bargain hunter. Or maybe the quality, materials and or colours used in your sign really make you stand out compared to the other premises which makes the person ask: “What makes this place so different and special, I must go in?” Attractive top quality signage can attract new business – it’s that simple!

2. Secure quality referrals.
Nearly 75% of respondents indicated that they have told a family member or friend about a business based entirely from its signage. Perhaps your sign is a big talking point because of its style or structure, whatever the case may be, these sign-based referrals happen every day, and you should try to take advantage of it!

3. Improve those first impressions
I don’t think anyone would turn up on a first date with unwashed uncombed hair, bad breath, and dirty clothes, so why would you try to make a first impression on a prospect with a badly designed and executed sign? Nearly 70% of consumers indicate that the quality of a business’ sign reflects the quality of the business itself.

4. Improve your sales
Consumers will feel much better in relation to buying from companies who have quality signage: 67% of consumers say that sign quality influenced their purchase decisions.

5. Stop turning prospects away.
Nearly 60% of consumers say that a lack of signage prevented them from entering premises. Apart from this making your business seem less professional than its competitor, it’s missing the commercial signage opportunity of any directional signage, promotional information, or product previews that would encourage their interest in checking out what you have to offer.

6. Legibility is key.
Consumers and business owners agree that sign legibility is the most important factor. Eye-catching images and fantastic slogans are great, but the most important impression you can make with your prospects has to do with your business name, business location, and the products or services you offer!

Click here to view our signage video

PWG’s 6-step process to delivering great signage consistently

This is the process we follow to ensure quality signage to our clients. This is how we do it:

1. Surveys & Audits

A dialogue process starts, during which we evaluate, analyse and interpret your needs leading into an accurate signage brief which leads to a detailed on site survey of the proposed areas involved.

2. Project Management

Communication is key. We assign a dedicated account manager to each project to guide and coordinate every stage of its development, from initial concept through to completion. This takes into account all the critical signage elements such as design, functional and installation objectives, timing and budgetary parameters.

3. Design

Our signage design team, starts with an open brief to assess and listen to your own vision and ideas and we then develop this into the appropriate sign solutions that will enhance your brand and meet specific functional requirements.

4. Planning

All Projects vary in terms of scale and planning requirements. Our experience in planning consent requirements and health and safety regulations enables us to facilitate the overall planning process.

5. Fabrication
We constantly strive to use the latest signage techniques and substrates in conjunction with traditional materials to give a unique signage solution.

6. Installation

We have an experienced team of signage fitters who are flexible to work around your working hours to ensure minimum disruption.

As the leading sign company in Dublin PW Group have years of experience at sign design and installation.
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Take a look at these beautiful branded premium pen products we did for Artelo. An Ideal corporate gift close to Christmas.
Beautifully Bespoke branding on the pen box and engraved on the pen itself
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MEETING ROOM MANAGER SYSTEM – Why you Can’t live without it
What marks out today’s office environments are the huge amounts of information, yet sometimes there is a significant lack of communication.

According to BARCO, the average employee in Europe spends more than quarter of their working hours in Meetings.

Is it any wonder that people consider a lot of meetings wasteful! Business leaders expect a lot of meeting room technology, eight out of ten expect that the right technology will make meetings more productive.

The good news is, there are a lot of ways to improve the quality of meetings with meeting room managers

Besides of course setting a clear agenda and preparing the participants in good time, an efficient meeting room booking system will save significant money , time and resources in your organisation.



There is still an increasing trend towards open plan and hot desking offices. This puts pressure on the demands for access to smaller, quieter meeting rooms, where they can concentrate solely on the task to hand.

There is nothing more annoying than the knock on the door followed by “When is this room available?”.

How can a Meetio meeting room booking system let you work undisturbed?


Our Customers often tell us that one of their critical buying criteria is that the room displays need to be simple to understand.

I would dare to say that Meetio Room is one of the simplest room signage products on the market.

It uses a simple traffic light system on the tablets mounted outside each meeting room.

digital meeting room manager tallaght dublin, room booking system

RED indicates that the room is occupied,

Orange indicates that there is limited availability between meetingsdigital meeting room manager tallaght dublin, room booking systemGreen indicates that the room is available.

digital meeting room manager tallaght dublin, room booking system


Most companies have some form of meeting booking system integrated with their email platforms.

The problem is it isn’t easy to have a spontaneous meeting.There is a huge hassle involved in trying to find an available room: Oftentimes people take an empty room and start a conversation before they know it it is booked and they have to move and the process starts again.


Meetio Room connects to the existing booking system and visualises the digital room calendar. Therefore you don’t have to check the rooms’ availability via email – the tablet outside each room shows this. With Meetio Room it’s so simple to book a room for a spontaneous meeting. Just go up to an available room and tap twice on the green screen and your room is booked!


Over bookings are annoying, especially in shared office spaces because people are using different booking systems. Therefore two persons can end up booking the same room unintentionally.


With Meetio Book users from various room booking systems can book the same room.

It’s different in that it is a web app that’s available for both desktop and phone.

And of course you can ask or invite people from outside the company.


Oftentimes you have heard your co worker giving out about the lack of meeting rooms.

A huge waste of time and resources is involved in no shows: typically our customers see a rate as high as 30-50% no-shows!.

So plenty of booked rooms are wasted!

Last but not least, there’s the issue with people using rooms without actually booking them and in turn, others will believe the room is occupied.

The snowball effect is the following rooms are booked followed by no shows which in turn people use these rooms without actually booking them: finally others believe the room to be occupied. Sometimes the original ‘no show’ turns up late, a mess from start to finish.

All in all, room availability can be quite a hassle.


To stop unused rooms and no-shows, Meetio Room has the “check in” function. Just set a time when the meeting should be cancelled, if not checked in, and the room then shows availability to others.

It also has the “end early” function, which frees up time and makes the room available to colleagues/coworkers.

One stand out feature of the Meetio room booking system is it’s room usage statistics software. It shows the room utilization rate, the no-show rate, meeting length and the number of participants. This can be invaluable information for organisations.

For further information and to arrange a demo, please contact Amo Sayed at the PW Group.

01 4057020


#bookingroomsystem #meetingmanagement #resoursemanagment #bookingsystem #meetingsystems

For high quality booking room systems

meeting room manager details
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UDG healthcare example: We are a leading design company, print company, merchandise company, signage company
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