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sunshine dad
yellow is my favorite color fucc off
yellow is my favorite color fucc off


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Well hello I am sunshine dad.
I try to stay positive but mostly everything I say is about memes and things.
So grab some tea or if you don't like tea get some lemonade I don't care
Oh if you didn't know this is my attempt at a pinned post

Well here's so info about me
~Call me gee because I hate my real name and this is an aye okay nickname
~She/her pronouns but I'm okay with anything tbh
~I live in the usa. To be a more specific the gross and conservative ohio. I hate it here but I also love it I'm conflicted. Ill explain if you want but not rn.
~I'm 5'3. I used to think I was tall until everyone around me said otherwise.
~what else?
~oh I like arting. I go to an art school and focus on arting and its grrrr8
~my favorite color is yellow if you didn't know already
~I'm learning the uke but I'm kinda failing at that

Music I like
~O K A Y have you heard lordes new album because yES I L O V E melodrama it is beautiful
~I'm not gonna list off everything that I've been listening to lately.... LORDE, lana del rey, LADY GAGA- JOANNE, ed sheeran, vance joy, TWENTY ONE PILOTS, bjork, BEATLES, and more but that's it for now.

musicals and movies and more oh my
~LA LA LAND that's my fav movie
~like every musical to exist: Hamilton, Chicago, phantom of the opera, even shrek the musical
~okay I kinda don't want to list all of the shows I've watched but here are a few: glee, Riverdale, the oa, Sherlock, what else. I can't think. Oh yeah RUPAULS DRAG RACE

I'm not sure what else to say

Honorable mentions
+cheerio​​​​ I'm still mad that she doesn't remember how many cats I have
That's it because I don't feel like tagging anyone else at the moment and I promised her I would.

comment and ill mention you

Okay biiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
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my neighbor is a tide pods dealer
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hey fam whats up
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At physical therapy today they had music on and holding on to you came on and I was jamming
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Oh yeah, side note I'm single af now just so ya know and I feel great tbh
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good day and good night.
Just checking in on you all I hope everyone is doing well
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I am not caught up on the memes I'm sorry can someone pls help, maybe give me a short demo
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Ive been eating really well lately and I've been feeling really good about it too. I've been drinking more water, I have more fresh foods, and I think I have been eating less. So I hope I don't go back to eating crap foods next week because I'm really proud of myself rn
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I downloaded the Nickelodeon app to binge watch drake and josh because why not
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ohio is getting the side storms from Texas so we've had lots of rain and suddle storms. Well rn there is really bad lightning and I hate it so much
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