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Carl Wall
Husband, Father and Internet marketer
Husband, Father and Internet marketer


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Scheduling time to talk with someone, or just to hang out, can be a pain. This new service wants to take the back-and-forth out of the process: 

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To all the "data" lovers - awesome gif
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Social Media Checklist for Businesses
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Are you stumped by social media and content marketing for your business? And need a little help maintaining your marketing momentum?

To assist you in developing a perfect social strategy, the +HeroX team has shared, a handy list of key tasks, that help you transform your company with social media.

Follow these easy suggestions to create a consistent presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, Foursquare, Instagram Pinterest, Blog and Reddit.

Google+ Checklist:

Find 5 new people every day (relevant to your industry) and add them to your circles.

Share new and relateable content to your business 2 times a day. Remember the 80/20 rule ->

Offer and host a Google+ hangouts session for an industry related topic 1x week.

Pro tip: Make sure your posts are set to public.

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Being a small online business just got a bit more difficult. Hope you have the resources to file 40+ tax filings a month. 

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Our Analytics Advocate +Justin Cutroni shares everything you need to know about migrating to Universal Analytics. Check out his post linked below.

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Your video game console is already connected to your TV, so you might as well use it as the badass media center it is.

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