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New presets are available for TF now
Few weeks ago, we uploaded QuickPro preset files to the global Yamaha site . Each of download page shows additional information about the preset, such as expected position of a microphone. It can be a good resource for a mixing engineer who has just started...

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RTA on EQ screen of TF series
RTA is available on PEQ or GEQ screen. In the PEQ screen, please touch on the lower half to activate RTA. Shaun

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"Mono" bus on TF series available?
TF series has "Sub" bus instead of "Mono". The Sub bus is designed little differently but you can use it as a Mono bus. Open ASSIGN screen and bring Sub level to nominal (0.00), now the channel is assigned to the bus with same level as Stereo main bus. (Act...

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MonitoMix released
We have just release the MonitorMix app . It gives you control of your Aux send level and Pan in your hand. Please check it and try. Local fader grouping is very handy. Shaun

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TF series FAQ
Yamaha global web site or US site provides FAQ for TF series. This may answer your questions, such as " What kind of controls or settings can you do with TF Editor?" . Please check it. Shaun

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Panel Assistance with LED brightness setting
Do you look for a switch or a knob in a dark? We work in a dark many times. The Panel Assistance function glows all LEDs on the panel just a little to give you a hint of their locations. It was introduced with PM5D many years ago. And it is now available on...

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Modify Q parameter with Touch and Turn knob
Here is a quick shortcut of Touch and Turn Knob in EQ screen of TF series. When normal PEQ mode is selected, Touch and Turn knob controls each of EQ parameters of the selected band. Push to switch target between Gain and Frequency Turn to modify value Turn ...

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Backup your TF console data
  Mixing data on your TF console, including Scene, Preset library, the current status of the console, System setup, etc., is automatically saved on the flash memory in the console. You don't have to save the data manually. To backup the data or transfer it ...

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Manage preset data with TF Editor
  Preset data can be managed on your PC with TF Editor software. Export: In TF Editor which is online with your console, you can drug and drop a preset item to your desktop to download a preset file. This is a good way to backup your original preset data on...

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Delayed speakers for TF series
Here is a setting for delayed speakers using a stereo aux bus. Set feedback gain to "0", Wet/Dry to "100 (Wet)", all filters in the second page to "Thru", and High Ratio to "1.0". This gives you simply delayed audio output. Assignment from input channels sh...
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