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Miriam could potentially become a category 4 storm according to the NHC
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yes, how amazing our planet truly is!  i do not agree that this weird weather, which i think we shall see more of as time goes on, has anything to do with the falsity of 'manmade' global warming.  everything on earth is in a perpetual state of flux.  it gets warm, it gets cold, it gets windy, it gets dry.  it's how it always has been on this planet, the center of which is also forever in flux with the magma, pushing up islands, changing mountains and where they lie, causing earthquakes.  that is just how it has always been.  why enrich the gork known as al gore (al bore), who is the major shareholder of a company in great britain that sells carbon credits to elderly guilt-ridden grandpeople couples that will travel to see their grandkids in the states?  his audacity astounds me.  


we are only fooling ourselves (we are able, i hope, to think on our own--or do we blindly follow what others say is the truth?) should we believe whatever we hear about our most SPLENDID planet, ever so beautiful, not being able to support (feed, clothe, educate, medicate, and house) THREE TIMES the number of people (and the animals and plants that are part of the ecosphere that support the AMAZING food chain that is parcel to this earth) that are here now.  namely, 7 billion.  


you should investigate what the meteorologists write and say about the weather of mother earth.  they have PhD's in how it goes, what causes it, what shall be its future, before you believe in the hogwash that has enriched people while you were made to feel guilty for having yawned, spewing forth CO2!  THEY are experts, and they know gore is a cheap, money grubbing liar, when it comes down to weather here on the planet.  

sure, they say that we are in for a rough ride of WEIRD weather, and i believe that.  but they do not blame it on cow farts and our use of oil.  they point out HOW the weather changes weird and why.  it ain't the rumor of man-made 'global warming', or 'climate change'.  

this planet will sustain life on it for so many more thousands of years.  it's what this planet IS.  life is ever abundant on Earth; we do not need to waste taxpayer dollars planning how we shall live on mars.  we need to utilize our mind power to determine just how we can love our mother earth, not only for human beings, but for all of life that lives and dies on it, a perpetual cycle of life.  and that life is what makes you alive.  


investigate what is here on the earth, in water and on land, to learn that yes, there is absolutely everything here, somewhere, to cure all of our illnesses and starvation (mostly caused by politicians, all of those liars and cheats) that has faced our kind, mankind, that is, for thousands of years.  WE NEED TO PUT OUR TAX DOLLARS into discovery of the entire biosphere, and of course, then, how we should properly husband mother earth, so that our progeny, as well as the progeny of people of foreign lands, great and small, can function while preventing more harm to our biosphere.


yeah, they are wondrous, interesting.  however, there's always a plan.  what washed up (accretion of sand, which eventually will accept rotting vegetation and thereby, proceed, via mother nature, the build up of new topsoil again, to support various types of life that we rely on, but which we do not witness, since our lives are not so long) is a part of what was eroded over time somewhere else.  it happens CONSTANTLY.  

time to move on, folks.  i apologize that i have not been 'here' recently:  lotsa work, and more work, to do.  smiles on you and your beloved ones, a kiss...
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