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Lena Nelson Dooley
A novelist who loves God and her family
A novelist who loves God and her family

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THE SPINSTER AND THE COWBOY (audible book) Lena Nelson Dooley and Julie Carson - One Free Audible Book
Dear Readers, I'm really excited about the release of my novel, The Spinster and the Cowboy, audible edition. I've noticed the new ads that call the experience of listening to an audible book as a performance that takes the listener away to anot...

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THE MAN SHE KNEW - Loree Lough - One Free Book
Welcome back. Loree. Let’s
do some fun questions first. What song most closely resembles your life ? Toby Keith’s “How Do You Like Me Now!” It’s a fun, upbeat
tune that give the wink-wink to those who, when I was starting out, didn’t
believe “my little hobb...

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STEPPING ON CHEERIOS - Betsy Singleton Snyder - One Free Book
Dear readers, the title of this book
intrigued me when I first saw it. I had to introduce you to this author and her
book. Bio: Betsy Singleton Snyder, author of Stepping on Cheerios , is
a pastor, a former missionary to the arts community, writer, and blog...

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Paula  (MO) is  the winner of  Katie's Quest  by  Lee Carver. Edward  (VA) is  the winner of  Encore for Estelle  by  Kimberly Rose Johnson. Stephanie  (NY) is  the winner of  Under a Summer Sky  by  Melody Carlson. Melanie  (TX) is  the winner of  Saguaro ...

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A WIFE'S SECRET TO HAPPINESS - Jen Weaver - One Free Book
Dear Readers, I first
met Jen when God brought her to the critique group that meets in my home, and
she was pregnant with their first child. During the time she was with us, she
had her baby and developed this book. We were involved in most of that

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LOOKING GLASS LIES - Varina Denman - One Free Book
Dear Readers, when I
first heard of Varina, I read her first series one right after the other. Her
writing, characters, and setting grabbed me right away. That’s why I knew I had
to feature her with this new book. I’m reading it right now, and the subject

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We live in a world where a device on
our wrist can detect our every step and vital sign while our phones pop up with
notifications telling us where we are, in case we did not already know. Too
easily we take for granted the great inventions of the past that...

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Janet E  (FL) is  the winner of  Driver Confessional  by  David Winter. Barbara  (LA) is  the winner of  Road to Harmony  by  Sherry Kyle. Carol M  (MO) is  the winner of  Building Benjamin: Naomi's Journey  by  Barbara M Britton. If you won a book and you ...

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SAGUARO SUNSET - Debra E Marvin - One Free Book
Dear Readers, Debra was a new author to me
when I read Saguaro Sunset. I loved
her writing. She took me straight into the story and kept my attention, with me
turning pages as fast as I could read them. I think you’ll like this novella,
too. Bio: Debra E. M...

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UNDER A SUMMER SKY - Melody Carlson - One Free Book
Dear Readers, I’m
loving these destination romances that Melody is writing now. I’ve never been
to Savannah , Georgia , but after reading this
story, I almost feel as if I have been. The setting is so alive in this book.
And Melody has written memorable cha...
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