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Hi everyone!
I plan on buying a new notebook, but I don't know about the wifi  driver support. 
One notebook has the "Broadcom BCM43228 " wifi chip, which is only available with proprietary drivers as far as I know. (confirmation please)
The other notebook has the "Atheros AR5BWB222 Wireless Network Adapter", which I'm not quite sure about the drivers. I read it might be supported by the ath9k driver, but I'm note sure. (confirmation please)
Basically I'd like to know if there are good working open source drivers for either of the wifi chips.

Thanks in advance
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OK thanks all. It looks like atheros is the way to go.
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Matthias Stangl

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+Deadbeef Player your player for android is one of the best, but it would be great if you could add these features:

-enable gpu rendering (should be just a compile option)
-add notification buttons for play/pause, skip forward/backward,... (I think it's android 3.0+)
-add a lockscreen widget (I think it's android 4.0+)
-let me pick certain files from a folder to add to a playlist and not only the whole folder
-add a kind of file viewer where I can pick a music file and it starts to play that file and all the other files after it without the files in subfolders

Some bugs I encountered:
- You can't open a file via a file manager if the file is already in a playlist
-the playback doesn't stop if the audio focus is changed. For example I play a song and switch to the youtube app and watch a video, deadbeef still plays the music while I'm watching.

It would be really great if you add these features.

Thanks in advance
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ok, i'll check it out.