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Glory to God in the Highest!
Glory to God in the Highest!

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i let the fear control me
i let the fear control me. i let it control what i say and what i do. i let it control what i think about, how i feel. and so it commands my thoughts and actions. it commands my feelings, and it makes me fly out of control. truth? i’m scared. really scared....

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where have i been?
  i walk out my door, closing it softly behind me. i lean up against the peeling white paint, tilting my head up towards the sky. the clouds glow in shades of pink and color, blue and purple, gray and black. birds sing like a choir, trilling happily at thei...

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my hands tremble in my lap, and my stomach’s going to commit mutiny, i just know it. i glance over my shoulder nervously, not wanting to do what i knew i had to. “you’ll be alright,” they assured me. “you’ll do just great. you always do. you were so scared ...

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i step out of the cottage, and i am struck by the difference a few days can make - green grass is starting to peek out, birds sing their strange songs out into the open air, insects hum and murmur along the earth,  and flowers spread their petals like wings...

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i have a fever
“frozen” fever (the short), that is. that’s right - i went and saw “cinderella,” and because i did? i got to see “frozen fever”!!!!  (slightly ironic that they paired “frozen fever” with “cinderella”, when you think about it - “frozen’s” all about how it’s ...

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THIS IS IT! (psst - How to Train Your Dragon 2!!!!!)
So, I mentioned on Hero that I went and watched How to Train Your Dragon 2 [ages ago]. So, now, I have finally found the time to... DO A REVIEW ABOUT IT!!!!!!! :) This post will contain all spoilers, so if you haven't watched it yet and you don't want to kn...

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then the silence was broken by a roar
HEYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!! My goodness. I haven’t been on here in ages. I haven’t been on here since last year! checks blog to make sure that’s correct Yup. Wow. That’s crazy. Internet silence for more than a month.  Though it’s not without good cause, I assure...

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i. random
For the reason that I was probably going to just have to come up with the most random picture in the world to fit this post - and since it takes forever to load new pictures on - I have decided that this is a - wait for it, wait for it... - pictureless post...

Hey, guys! :)

If I haven't replied to an email of yours, or installed a design or something, please let me know. I know that there's this one design that I was going to do, but then I wasn't added to the blog. And now the weird thing? I can't find my practice blog or the email that they sent. If I accidentally did that to you, please let me know! I would hate to leave you hanging.

Have a great day and Merry Christmas, everyone! :)

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thoughts (that are slightly random)
it’s so weird finding out what you like, and then really knowing  what you like. you know, blog designs, clothes, music, food, whatever. sometimes, you don’t know. but then you just see it - everything you ever dreamed of. and you know - “that - that right ...
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