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My 2 year adventure, coming to a close
  My 2 Year Adventure has come to an end. Unfortunately, I'm not very satisfied with how I kept this up. The blogging was inconsistent and the cooking was slightly off schedule. However, I wanted to give you guys an update on my culinary life. So since I st...

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January 24 2015:   Today I had a basketball game against Notre Dame bright and early. We played much better than we have been and we ended our losing streak with a win of 36-27. After the game I went home, ate lunch, and took a nap. Later, I went to watch t...

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January 20 2015:   Today I got an extra hour of sleep because I had a field trip. At Granville Island I took some photos and jut walked around with my friends. In the afternoon, we did the Socratic circles, which were actually kind of fun. After school, I h...

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January 19 2015 :    Today I didn't do much other than go to basketball practice. At practice, we were shooting, which is one of my weakest areas of the game. I've been practicing and I really thought I was improving... However, we had to shoot 2 foul shots...

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January 18 2014:   AAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNDDDDDDDDD... We're back! I haven't blogged since school started and to be honest, no ones really missing much. Today I woke up to an empty house and after a little running around, I figured out that my parents had gone...

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January 4 2015:   Today I celebrated Russian Christmas. It's a little early but that's ok. We ate traditional Russian food and we had really good friends over! I'm not looking forward to school tomorrow...but is that really a surprise?

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January 3 2015:   Today we went up to Seymour. I we went snowshoeing and the tobogganing. Then I made fajitas and did nothing else.... Eventful! 

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January 2 2015:   Today I woke up to eggs and bacon. After a yummy breakfast, I went to basketball practice. I played kind of poorly today, but oh well. Then I went to the mall and bought and awesome calendar(it's Legend of Zelda themed!!!!!!!!!!!!). Later,...

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January 1 2015:   Today I went out for brunch. I got eggs Benedict, and I looked very nice, but wasn't amazing. The poached eggs were overcooked, it wasn't fully balanced, and the raw red onion was not a good touch. Afterwards my brother and I went to the a...
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