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Love this place 

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Don't worry about there are more than enough dead guys voting on your side to make up for it (kidding) 
Here we frickin go...


From the person who shot the video (via:

"I'm the guy who shot the video, hopefully this doesn't get burried. You guys have questions, I have answers.

My wife and I went to the voting booths this morning before work. There were 4 older ladies running the show and 3 voting booths that are similar to a science fair project in how they fold up. They had an oval VOTE logo on top center and a cartridge slot on the left that the volunteers used to start your ballot.

I initially selected Obama but Romney was highlighted. I assumed it was being picky so I deselected Romney and tried Obama again, this time more carefully, and still got Romney. Being a software developer, I immediately went into troubleshoot mode. I first thought the calibration was off and tried selecting Jill Stein to actually highlight Obama. Nope. Jill Stein was selected just fine. Next I deselected her and started at the top of Romney's name and started tapping very closely together to find the 'active areas'. From the top of Romney's button down to the bottom of the black checkbox beside Obama's name was all active for Romney. From the bottom of that same checkbox to the bottom of the Obama button (basically a small white sliver) is what let me choose Obama. Stein's button was fine. All other buttons worked fine.

I asked the voters on either side of me if they had any problems and they reported they did not. I then called over a volunteer to have a look at it. She him hawed for a bit then calmly said "It's nothing to worry about, everything will be OK." and went back to what she was doing. I then recorded this video.

EDIT: There is a lot of speculation that the footage is edited. I'm not a video guy, but if it's possible to prove whether a video has been altered or not, I will GLADLY provide the raw footage to anyone who is willing to do so. The jumping frames are a result of the shitty camera app on my Android phone, nothing more."

tl;dr Not a calibration issue, which is what I thought it was at first. This is troubling.

UPDATE: Video verified and machine taken offline.

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Great photo essay of whats going on in Afghanistan with the marines.  I have so much respect for these guys and what they do.

I have been watching or perhaps observing coverage of the opening ceremonies for the Olympics since I am going to a concert tonight instead.  To be honest it looks pretty odd, like some kind of Hobbit Shire in a Stadium if you throw in the concept of the industrial revolution ie black lung and the red coats!

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Used to love it when surfer magazine would come in the mail.


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Great idea, very creative!

A German Bridge Built of Legos? Street Art from Megx

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This picture requires no explanation, very cool image of life in the sea. I snagged it off bloody decks facebook page. 

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I wonder if old dollar bills have a secondary market? Interesting there are no coins. 
Why Zimbabwe uses chocolate instead of coins.

A few years ago, Zimbabwe dumped its own currency and embraced US dollars to save itself from rampant hyperinflation.

Weirdly, the over-used greenbacks are becoming filthy and are falling apart. (The picture below shows a regular US dollar on left, and a typical dollar in Zambabwe on right.) There are no coins, so the country has started using chocolate and other snacks instead of coins to make change.

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I have this very useless talent, do you? 
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