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Dane Rahlf
Married. Mormon. Manly. Meat Kat.
Married. Mormon. Manly. Meat Kat.
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A letter to my past, returned-missionary self.
Dane, It’s been a long and fast 2 years. You made it, man. Those 2
years are gonna be a driving force for you for at least the next 10 years. And
probably more. You’ll never regret going. In fact, some nights you’ll have
dreams that you get another mission ...

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Top Ten Christmas Quotes: Number 1
Two records of scripture. One
near the city of Bethlehem, another in Ancient America. Both carry the same
message. In Luke 2 the Angles appear to the shepherds and give them the best
message that could ever be given to anyone; The Savior is born! He’s here!...

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Top Ten Christmas Quotes: Number 2
A lot of this has to do
with my father absolutely loving this story and consequently passing on the
love to his children. Because of him, I have read A Christmas Carol each
Christmas for the past 4 years and have prefered the George C Scott version above al...

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Top Ten Christmas Quotes: Number 3
These lines
in this song get me teary eyed every time I hear them. Something about the word
“thrill” is just perfect. About the wise men seeing the star, and with a racing heart thinking “Is that what I think it is?” And the moment they finally see the

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New on the blog. Share the Kool Aid

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The Last Hurrah in Cincinnati.

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New blog (co-op with the wifey) and a New Job.

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My thoughts on Boston and how people are incredible.

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I blogged about the moral and civil dilema on recent Gay Marriage events.

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My video almost went viral...
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