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Practical tips, tricks, and information about solar power and going off grid
Doing solar power on a budget can be challenging, but not impossible. The very first thing I recomend is taking on the mindset of Quakers about electricity. Of course, I do not know exactly what that is, but there is a peace that rises when electric consump...

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Pure Energy
This is part of the vision I envision for the homestead. I would rather be careful with eletrical use than to have to import it to the homestead. :) If you haven’t heard of the QEG (Quantum Energy Generator) then this is going to be a nice surprise for you....

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Cooking With Wild Mushrooms
While hiking into a 5000 acre lowland forest I cam across some shelf mushrooms. Not just some but a lot! All of them were young making them extra scrumptious! Of course leaving them be to mature is a good option too. And that is what I choose. Well at least...
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