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Tag your AWS resources in StarCluster
StarCluster is a convenient way to manage HPC clusters on Amazon Web Services (AWS). If you use Billing docs. the same AWS account for multiple tasks such as hosting your web servers and its associated databases, running StarCluster how can you tell how muc...

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DjangoCon 2014: Top tips for developing and deploying on AWS
I was at my third DjangoCon earlier this month. As with the previous DjangoCon's it was a lot of fun. For the first time I was speaking, which was a first for me, at a tech conference, traditionally I've spoken at science conferences. My talk was entitled "...

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Want to live in Santa Fe, NM? Interested in science? I'm looking for a front end developer. We're a small company with a flexible work environment, competitive pay, and great benefits. 

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Install NumPy and SciPy without Fortran
NumPy and SciPy are two great Python packages for scientists, as is the popular Matplotlib . However, installing NumPy and SciPy is not for the faint hearted if you install your Python packages via pip . Assuming you have fortran, blas, lapack and atlas alr...

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GDG DevFest now includes Albuquerque
Courtesy of Albuquerque just had it's first GDG DevFest (translation - Google Developer Group meetup). Where a selection of Google employees and enthusiasts met to share their experiences and insight to a few Google products (let's be...

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My first WordCamp
ABQ WordCamp is not the sort of conference I normally attend (think PyCon, DjangoCon and AWS Re:Invent are my regular haunts). Apart from...

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Google comes to ABQ, I've got my ticket

Very pleased to see iOS 7 has given my iPhone 4S a speed boost!

An SEO expert just told me G+ is where the tech savvy people are, maybe I should post here more often...

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