My initial thoughts on Fate dial settings for a 1920s Cthulhu game.

The goal was to create a vibe of horror, spiraling descent into insanity, and high character mortality.

What do you reckon?

Base Stress: 2 (flat stress tracks).
Aspects: 3 - profession, trouble, hook.
Stunts: 2
Sanity skill: starts on 4 - goes down one point on a failed roll. Can only be recovered through periods of therapy.
Sanity attacks use mental stress track.
Consequences: -1,-2,-4.
Sanity consequences must be attended by physician. Do not recover at the normal rate.
Cthulhu Lore skill: reduces Sanity skill point for point.

Sanity attack alternative

Sanity attacks bypass mental stress and go straight to consequences.
There is an additional -6 consequence useable only for soaking Sanity based attacks.
Further (here's the nasty), -4 and -6 consequences can only be cleared by incorporating them into character aspects. Big trauma changes the character permanently. Of course, prolonged psychoanalysis may mitigate some of these changes long term.

This keeps a short and flat stress track for day to day dealings with police, thugs, etc. However, when PCs encounter the mythos, the psychological trauma goes straight to consequences.

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