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MoWrOwNeWz: I am no longer using this account cause I already set up my YouTube with another email addy. Please Follow me via!
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MoWrOwNeWz: now using or search Mowrad Rownak as my default profile.
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FunnY o DirtY: Pakistan's embassador to Canada but not to Saudi's name. (

Not a far cry from Richard's codename, but it may be a longer cry lOlz.
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FunnY o SillY: Assassin's Creed for Kinect
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inFow o Healthow: if your foot is out of place, then your knee, your hip, and your back, are all out of place; an ailment called Plantar Faschitis.

A high arch foot alignment is called supinator and needs a cushioned shoe. A flatfoot alignment is called pronator and needs a motion control shoe.

25% of people have a foot problem, mostly due to bad shoes, but most don't know they have it.

If you want to check yourself, wet your feet, and place them on a surface like wood.

Mowre infow:

~Derek Butler-Kim
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Quote o WizDomz:

"The hard path is negative thoughts, negative words, negative deeds, and therefore negative feelings manifested as misery.

The easy path is positive thoughts, positive words, positive deeds, and therefore positive feelings manifested as joy.

Take the easy path!"

~Mowrad Rownak (~Rhonda Byrne)
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FunnY o KleverZ:

Dad : I want you to marry a girl of my choice.
Son : No
Dad : The girl is Bill Gates' daughter.
Son : Then OK

Dad goes to Bill gates.
Dad : I want your daughter to marry my son.
Bill Gates : No
Dad : My son is the CEO of World Bank
Bill Gates : Then OK

Dad goes to President of World Bank
Dad : Appoint my son as CEO of your bank.
President : No
Dad : He is the son-in-law of Bill Gates.
President : Then OK

~Hasnaa Hasnitta
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inFow o BeezWaX:

Apple has some tricks up its sleeves on how to lock people into the Apple a Day cycle, not only by manipulating each household buy more than 1, but by making them replace a bad Apple with another (cannot be fixed), by iCloud (to sync them with each other), and iTunes (to get the same music on all them Applez).
This is primarily why half of total US houeholds have an Apple device: what I call "The Viruz Ecosystem Multiplicity" (yeh like a viruz).

mowre @
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