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Alex von Wittig

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dgbs playlist for the work week

.nsv (nullsoft video) a.k.s. shouotcastTV video stream; requires the right codecs.  works great with vlc, winamp, mxplayer, etc.  NOT windows media player friendly...  :p
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Alex von Wittig

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this week's playlist

.nsv (nullsoft video) stream; requires the necessary codecs.  winamp, vlc, mxplayer, or etc. recommended.  NOT windows media player friendly(!)
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Alex von Wittig

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.nsv (nullsoft>shoutcats tv) video stream; works with vlc, winamp, or anything with the right codecs; windows media player NOT recommended,
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Alex von Wittig

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dear google plus;

thanks for putting the share button up on the dash, where it DOESN'T appear on your google voice page

thanks for the unlabelled icon that marks all notifications as read

thanks for all the automatic pop-up boxes & shit that use more computer resources & block the things you are trying to get to

thanks for generally making your code bloatier & less useful than it used to be

just in case you were wondering why i'm a "less-active" g+ user, than i used to be... 

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i find the g+ main interface FAR too bulky these days;  javascripty code-bloat. not the worst i've ever seen, but bad enough (>__<)
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Alex von Wittig

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On Tuesday, city council voted to proceed to public hearings on its regulatory plans, which the Conservative federal government has strongly opposed, calling for a shutdown of the dispensaries
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Alex von Wittig

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i could see this getting a little messy, sometimes; but otherwise it's a very god k.i.s.s. solution
TORONTO - A cheap and simple procedure that seems more like a party trick than a medical therapy appears to help young children clear their ears of fluid, a condition sometimes called glue ear.
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Alex von Wittig

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weekend playlist for dgbs

.nsv (nullsoft video) stream, requires the correct codecs; vlc, winamp, mxplayer recommended, NOT windows media player friendly!
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Alex von Wittig

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Mathematicians are paying big bucks to stockpile the Hagoromo chalk from Japan, which some have called ‘the nectar of the gods’
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Alex von Wittig

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For some agents, Snowden says, the racy images were one of the "fringe benefits of surveillance positions"
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Alex von Wittig

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Tesla Energy’s new foray into providing energy storage products to service not just homes but also utilities is bringing much-needed attention to the accompanying technologies. That, in turn, may attract new capital and help bring about economies of scale that would further reduce those prices. In the end, it’s about making [...]
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Alex von Wittig

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Male infertility should be taken as a sign of larger underlying health problems, says an international expert who will speak in Vancouver Saturday at a conference for fertility specialists.
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writer, art, collector (of too much, of too many things), research, computer-related-stuff. open-source-related-stuff, wikipedia/wikimedia, p.o.d. design, hot sex (& by that, I mean I like it hardcore baby, yeah!), etc. i'm also good @ finding crap on ebay...
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o, if you've added me, please do not be offended that I haven't circled you back (because i can't); if/when I can get this "unlocked" I'll try to catch up on everybody that I have missed.


My great contibutions to human culture (& my own resulting immortality) are primarily @ wikipedia/wikimedia.

My hobby is designing crap @, that (almost) nobody ever buys (or even notices).

man, m i KOOL or wat!?



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