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Actor Leonard Nimoy died at the age of 83 and many science fiction fans fondly remember his role as Mr. Spock in the series Star Trek.
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Alex von Wittig

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BARRIE - Barrie has its own astronaut waiting for his turn to make it into outer space.
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Alex von Wittig

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MEXICO: A new study describes one way that unemployment makes you less employable. The unemployment rate has fallen since 2013, but the U.S. Bureau of Labor
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Alex von Wittig

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Forget spider silk or man-made Kevlar. Scientists declare limpet teeth the strongest known natural material, which could aid in better engineering for high-performance vehicles.
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Alex von Wittig

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In times of trouble, we ask our nearest and dearest for support. New research suggests that social networks have been used in this way for much longer than we might think. Researchers from the University of Arizona have been analysing ancient social structures, and they have made some interesting discoveries. By examining social networks in …
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Alex von Wittig

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An experimental spaceplane successfully returned to Earth on Wednesday after a 100-minute test flight that the European Space Agency (ESA) hopes will pave the way for the continent's first reusable space transportation systems.
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smashing things for GOD!

no history, no future, just an eternity of blind faith in an imaginary being; & the ruthless obliteration of anything that contradicts this "faith".

& as for peaceful believers, let them be offended, let them speak out & act against their fellow-believers who do such things, & (far) worse. 
The sculptures, statues and reliefs that were smashed by ISIS were crucial in the formation of early Arab identity, experts said.
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a tale of drug companies, inflated claims of "r&d costs", intellectual property "rights", & greed.

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Alex von Wittig

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Scientists hope the discovery of 1,500-year-old grape seeds may help resurrect the historically famous “Wine of the Negev”
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Alex von Wittig

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now i wonder if these were filed, hidden, lost, or just used to stop up holes & prevent drafts...?

...drafts, apparently   xD
Top secret documents from Bletchley Park are to go on display. The documents were originally found shoved into cracks in the roof of Hut 6, where Alan Turing and his team of codebreakers worked to decipher German army and air force messages. Along with the fragmentary codebreaking documents found in the roof were parts of …
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writer, art, collector (of too much, of too many things), research, computer-related-stuff. open-source-related-stuff, wikipedia/wikimedia, p.o.d. design, hot sex (& by that, I mean I like it hardcore baby, yeah!), etc. i'm also good @ finding crap on ebay...
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My great contibutions to human culture (& my own resulting immortality) are primarily @ wikipedia/wikimedia.

My hobby is designing crap @, that (almost) nobody ever buys (or even notices).

man, m i KOOL or wat!?



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