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Hi Howard, I'm teaching a grad class for future college profs called "21st Century Literacies:  Digital Knowledge, Digital Humanities," where students build their own website to represent themselves while reading Benkler, Rheingold, etc. It's all public here:  Last week we finalized the Community Manifesto, posted it on a Google Doc, and began tweeting.  We started with the Mozilla Manifest as the ur-Document and then the customized it for the class and have invited comment.  Most haven't even been on Twitter before but, because I did a Tweet to @Firefox, which retweeted, the reach of the Tweet was something over 2 million altogether.  Here's the link of the #Duke21C Manifesto.  We'd love your comments, feedback, and feel free to mod and repurpose.  That's Connected Learning!  And having that kind of reach made the students see the possibilities of their "commons," as they call the class, reaching far beyond the walls of the classroom to a larger world also rethinking education for the next generation of teachers.   Best, Cathy
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Hi Cathy - great to see you here. I love what you've been doing in putting your research into your own teaching practice. I feel like those of us in institutions of higher ed can do so much more. As you point out, having these kinds of connected experiences in the context of graduate education makes so much sense as this is the next gen of profs. Also I've been thinking a lot these days about how college admissions criteria become such a driver of what is happening in high school for kids. I know others have probably been working this angle on things, but I feel it is a conversation that I'd like to get caught up on. Thanks for provoking us as university faculty to look at our own practices and institutions.
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