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Neurala fights poaching in Africa with AI-powered drones

Deep learning startup Neurala Inc. is putting its technology to use in a partnership with the Lindbergh Foundation that aims to combat illegal elephant poaching in Africa with artificial intelligence-powered drones....The idea is simple enough – use drones to spot poachers before they can reach their targets, then send out teams of rangers to intercept them. Air Shepherd’s drones operate at night time, flying silently above the African savanna seeking out their targets. The drones are extremely well equipped for the task, operating with five-hour batteries, infrared cameras, onboard control systems, sensors for finding poachers, and live video feeds. The drones are also powered by Neurala’s AI platform that’s able to “learn” how to identify objects of interest. Its platform sifts through hours of video captured by the drones in real-time, pinpointing animals, poachers and vehicles from the skies. Neurala’s key advantage in this respect is that its drones are able to do all of this without processing data in servers running in the cloud. That’s because the company recently made a key breakthrough in deep learning to enable computing at the network edge, resulting in reduced network latency and better overall performance. “This is a terrific example of how AI technology can be a vital force for good,” said Neurala CEO Max Versace. “We’re thrilled to be working with the Lindbergh Foundation in this unique partnership, contributing our deep learning software to such a worthwhile cause and doing our part to preserve endangered species.

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New CRISPR tool can detect tiny amounts of viruses.

One part per quintillion. That’s the realm of SHERLOCK, a new diagnostic system that can detect attomolar levels of viruses in a sample and also distinguish Zika from its close relative, dengue. This exquisitely sensitive and specific tool promises to help detect diseases that other diagnostics miss, and it’s simple and cheap to use. Sexier still, it exploits a variation of CRISPR, the genome-editing method that has become the rage in biology.


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MIT's Ioannis Yannas co-developed artificial skin — the #NextGreatDiscovery for treating burns.

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Great image showing how lutein protects the eye from AMD (macular degeneration). Lutein+zeaxanthin are also hypothesized to prevent cognitive decline, dementia, telepathy ability decline, memory loss based on several studies. A study found that adding 12 mg/day of lutein to the diet increased verbal fluency scores and that people with cognitive decline and dementia have much lower lutein in the brain. Examining centenarians, researchers also found that the more lutein is present in the eye and brain (they are related) - the better is the cognitive behavior of centenarians ► Am J Clin Nutr. 2012 Nov;96(5):1161S-5S.. For more on lutein and zeaxanthin effects on visual system development early in life, see* ► Lutein and zeaxanthin are the 2 main carotenoids in the human eye macula, so dietary intake is vital for eye health. They prevent blue light from damaging the eye. That's why it is best to buy lightbulbs that are 2700 K not the hot ones with 5000K, since 2700K has the lowest blue light. Warm White LEDs (2700K) can generate 15 times less blue light than Daylight LEDs.* ► The human macula ( is known to contain 3 yellow carotenoids, 2 of which are zeaxanthins ► 3R,3’R-zeaxanthin, 3R,3’S (meso)-zeaxanthin, and (3R,3’R,6’R)-lutein.

The richest sources of lutein+zeaxanthin are raw kale (155 times more than raw carrots, only 71 times more if kale is cooked), raw spinach (48 times more than raw carrots, 44 times more if spinach is cooked), raw mustard greens (39 times more than raw carrots, 23 times more than carrots if cooked), collards (35 times more than raw carrots, 30 times more than carrots if collards are cooked), turnip greens (28 times more than carrots, 33 times if cooked), raw romaine lettuce (9 times more than carrots), raw zukini (8 times more than carrots, 7 times more than raw carrots if zukini is cooked), raw green leafy lettuce (7 times more than raw carrots), raw broccoli (6 times more than raw carrots, 4 times more than raw carrots if broccoli is cooked).

Kale has 120 times more lutein than eggs, zukini 6 times more than eggs

Source of this lutein content is the Vitamins section (click on "more details" to get the full list) of the links below:

select 100 g for comparing LUTEIN+ZEAXANTHIN content

spinach ► 12197 μg ►

carrots ► 256 μg ►

"Consumption of fruits and vegetables, especially spinach and collard greens (rich in lutein), was associated with a lower risk of age-related ocular macular degeneration". - QJM. 1999 Sep;92(9):531-44. The more fruits and veggies people ate, the less macular degeneration ► - Ophthalmic Epidemiol. 2010 Jan-Feb; 17(1): 58–65.

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Vegan Billie Dean was able to telepathically perceive and feel the suffering of animals since a kid and has 7 vegan dogs. She predicts we will all be vegan and then breatharian.

Pre-conception and pre-birth Telepathy

Telepathic boy who can also read in 7 languages

Padre Pio mind reading cases (very long post)

Spirits use Books, etc and Telekinesis to confirm Telepathy (this post has a listing of other similar experiences)


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Nasal Respiration Entrains Human Limbic Oscillations and Modulates Cognitive Function...
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