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Pain Doesn't Go Away
Things happen in life that really hurt. I’m talking
beyond the little things that, yes, make us cry, but we pick ourselves back up
again pretty quick. I’m talking about the kind of pain that it takes weeks,
months, and years to “get over.” Do we ever truly ...

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7 Lies You Believe About Yourself
What's the biggest lie you believe about yourself? Maybe you don't even think it's a lie. It's like we are so bombarded with conflicting messages everyday, that we don't even know what's really true anymore. Recently, I've been confronting some of the lies ...

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Seeing a Shrink
We’ve all
seen the TV shows where someone goes to see a “shrink” right? They sit on a
couch and proceed to tell the therapist how when they were five, their balloon
floated up to the sky and now they’re forever scarred. Yeah, let me be the
first to tell you...

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Don't Let Anyone Take Away Your Happiness
My apologies that there haven't been any posts this week! Even this one is just a quickie. I thought I would have two posts ready to go this week, but they're just not quite coming together the way I want them to. They are both very personal to my life and ...

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Supporting Someone Who's Struggling
be honest. We all go through struggles, and we all know someone who’s
struggling. It’s a fact of life no matter who you are or where you are. Being
around someone who’s in the middle of a battle can be just as emotionally
draining for you. You want to...

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Are You Really Worth Dying For?
Today is Good Friday. Most people here in North America know what that this day is about. This time of year, churches advertise their Easter service. People do musicals, plays, and eat a lot of mini eggs. All of that is awesome. I've been in a few musicals ...

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Quote for the heart
I love quotes! They resonate in your heart, often better than the most eloquent piece of writing. If you have some that you'd love to share with others, send them to me! Here's one of my favorite Pinterest finds: "God didn't add another day in your life bec...

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Counting Stars
you know what I really don’t like? I absolutely hate it when I’m in the middle
of an argument and the other person makes a really good point that I don’t have
a comeback to. I detest it even more when it cuts to my core and makes me realize
how wrong I w...

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Pain that Feels Good
was a time in my life when I made a big mistake. I’d had a really rough day,
and pretty much everything that could go wrong did. That morning, I woke up and
I could tell that it was going to be a day when I was going to have challenges
in my emotions....

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When You Want Everything to Just STOP
“I just want everything to stop. I just want to be done.” Those sentences are pretty much what’s been running through
my mind for the past couple months. You know when everything just gets so
overwhelming. It feels like everyone wants a piece of you and eve...
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