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Creative commons simplified (explained). I hope it will help you to understand this topic.
btw: Have you ever heard about creative commons? Do You use it?
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Thanks for the well made infographic. People ask all the time, now I can point them to your infographic. =) I do use creative commons.
Of course I do! (Wikipedia contributor since 2005, using CC pics also on my blog - of course with the complete licence and links)

Thanks for the simplified info BTW.
Thanks +Steven Monck that's awesome!
+Wolfgang Messer I checked it, cool voice! btw: I have question about Wikipedia. I saw many times that they cannot verify if there is no copyright on the picture. I bet it must be pretty hard to find the real cc material because almost nobody guaranties that he is the original source or creator.
+Emmanuel Dauphin Thanks! Yes.It would be great to have vault full of CC content which is 100% authentic.
+MILOS JANATA Thanks! Indeed it's hard to check and a question of confidence most of the time. Any uploader has the duty to guarantee that he's the copyright owner. Most of the time it's obviously okay, sometimes it's in doubt and the delete discussion begins ;-)
+Gabriel Vasile +Euro Maestro +Europeans on G+ Check this. We shall educate people, but I guess it's not a popular topic :) It's interesting that even in creative commons we always give attribution. It's normal. Perhaps raising awareness in a good mood is a better way to spread the information than bashing people for copyright infringement. I am still making mind about this topic..
+MILOS JANATA Take a look at my post exposing the plagiarism and let me know if I was positive enough or not. Would welcome feedback. I tried to make it as positive as I could given how hurt I was.
+MILOS JANATA I agree with you. I really thought my mind was made up. Then something makes me question that position.
Yes, this is really useful, thanks! I just joined ccMixter - awesome site, btw for musicians!
Well, I have a bunch of Finnish people in my circles, but the only one I actually know enough to ask is +Jaana Nyström, and I very much suspect that you know her too. As I understand it, she is very busybee atm, but let's see if she reacts to this mention. I am sure she'll be able to hook you up somehow.
And yes, I am Danish. :)

Edit: +Gabriel Vasile got here first, I see! ^^
I pinned this to PInterest and gave you credit. Think it will help there as well.
Thank you!!! Creative Commons at a Glance!
CC BY NC : example If you post/remix on you blog, and you have ads on you website will that count as making money ?
Hey +MILOS JANATA What I'd like to know is what can you do to stop someone who is violating a CC BY NC?

I'm in this situation and the only thing suggested to me so far is to publicly chastise the violator and hope that he stops. Problem is doing so will most likely mean being sued for slander.
Superb info graphic
Thanks you very much!!! You've really simplified it for me.
author forgot about CC0 (
Is there an authoritative source where one can find the symbols? I'm new to this topic and just beginning to dig into it.
Thank you! This is incredibly helpful!
+Oleg Koptev True, I included only the important ones. While CC0 exist, it's not recommended to use.
+Brett Coulthard In which way, where? Does he directly make money out of it? If you are owner/creator you can usually report such a person.
We are careful to obtain permissions before publication, regardless of the CC version actually used on prior publication (if any).

One of oddest -- and saddest -- cases we had involved an author who was hapless about copyrights. We accepted her pieces, carefully explaining how the CC license worked, documenting everything. We answered all of her questions and asked for her assent.

She agreed, but after publication she accused us of ripping off her work. I decided that in this case intellect wasn't the issue and something else was at work.

We terminated the relationship and never heard from her again (nor has anyone else).
+MILOS JANATA in fact, CC0 is used for example on (huge archive of copyright-free clipart) as replacement of Public Domain thing, which can be different in different jurisdiction. So for some cases it is best license.
+Oleg Koptev Cool! Are you into CC a lot? Would be nice to make a hangout about CC. Do you know any expert?
+Kathryn Kranzler Yes, and If You think about it deeply "It's not me or you who controls the spice",Who controls the spice controls the Universe.
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