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Hi everyone,
​Looking for some players that would like to join a West Marches style Mouse Guard game. Thanks!

Hi everyone,
Just wondering if anyone has any experience with running M&M with Modules?

Did you have NPC Spellcasters roll their spells or get rid of them altogether because the PCs don't have access to them? And other things like Protection from Evil.

With firing muskets and such in a dungeon, do you make monsters react to the noise or roll it like Moldvay, which I think was 2d6 on wandering monsters?

Is there an offical way to translate the saving throws across?

Thanks for any help.

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Looking for Player's for a game on roll20 07:00PM GMT.
The PC's are currently within the depths of the Old School Dark Tower module. Thanks.

Hi everyone,
I was wondering if anyone has had any experience playing solo with Stars without Number, as it seems like it would be a good fit with the amount of tables and the gm turn. I was wondering if using mythic for the gm turn would work and also how adapatable would scarlett heroes be to convert over?
Thanks for anyone's help.

Has anyone had experience with playing Burning Wheel or Torchbearer? How would the Beliefs come into it, does anyone have any ideas?
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