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So are people actually going to start using this?

Why is it so hard for others to grasp that I wear a 21.5 and ski a 160 - 179? I have small feet. I get it. Now F' off.

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I'm just going to leave this here...... long story short... this came up in conversation. Supposedly one of the most important films ever. Just skip to about 1:30 In... and prepare to be disturbed.

Has anyone else noticed the special weather statements and what not saying its likely to be rainy on sunday? Weather for X games and Surf open isn't looking so great any more :/

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Booked 2 websites in a week. 1 in which is a barter to have all the work done on my car, and 1 which is enough to cover going back to minnesota. 1 More website and I have my expenses covered till winter. Freelance is seeming more and more like a reality! Yay!

Why does it seem like the 1000 or so people in my various news feeds don't care at all about what is happening with the government? Do you people not realize that Every single possible decision out there will affect every one of us negatively. It's a matter of the smallest evil at this point, and right now, no one in our government seems to be listening to the public as to what that smallest evil is because no one seems to have an opinion on it. Start caring, you ARE affected by this.

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Watching this shortly.... I'm pretty excited. Streaming on Netflix.

For how many people I have in these circles... I would have though there would be more peoples posting... But alas Google+ seems to just be a direct line into +Jonathan Lally 's life.
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