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Pretty amazing.
Freddie Mercury reborn.

It seems Circles are additive. Would be cool to have a choice between a join or a union when selecting circles. There may be times that what I'm posting is really of interest to the intersection of circles A and B, not the whole of circles A and B.

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I think people in the training, learning, and development world need their own version of the Hippocratic Oath--or at least borrow the "First, do no harm" dictum.

So when you create your own circle, can you set permissions? Or do you have to use "overlapping" circles to control default access? And as you add people to multiple circles, I'm assuming permissions are additive, not most restrictive.

So, this is Google+. Interesting. Seems pretty intuitive. Like the Circles idea. Whole lot easier than creating different groups and permissions in Facebook.
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