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Is there a way to force new gamil to show you the "cozy" view rather than "compact." On the laptop, it overrides the cozy setting and forces you to compact. I prefer the less dense view. Why, oh why, can I not choose? (My guess is there is a hack to override this. Suggestions?)

The new look for gmail is awful -- today is the first day it will not let me keep the "old" look.

Is there any way to search the g+? Cause so far this is like a blog reader thingy. 

So I am sitting in my lovely suite overlooking Coal Harbor. Knock at the door. "Your complimentary bottle of wine." Oh, well, I never say no to a bottle of wine I have not met. Tip the guy (as you would). "And here is a card from the manager" I look at the card. I am not Laura Smith, I say. Oh he says and takes back the wine. Keeps the tip.

And posting from the google+ app. So far ok. 

Goolge+ now has an iphone app (as of 7/19). Why did someone on this here google plus not let me know? Shesh

Reshared? That's the verb they are running with? Regoogled? Replussed? Share+? Bad verbs can sink you. 

And I will say it here too -- this audience must be quant enough to share my outrage: the unemployment rate is not a rate.
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