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Brandon Estevez

I'm hoping to form and DM a regular weekly Adventures League game group in the Chicago area, preferably in Evanston. I thought I would throw this out there to see if there were any players interested.

I am hoping to run and play some savage world games this summer. We talked here a few months back about trying to start a regular gaming group. I am testing the waters to see if there is still interest.

I am just checking in to see if we can make a game happen soon?

I just moved to Chicago and am looking for a group to either play or GM once a week (face to face) in the Chicago or Chicagoland area. Is there anyone here who wants to meet up?

I would like to run a Savage Worlds game set in the Firefly universe, and am currently researching VTT's. I would much rather do it face to face but would possibly be moving to a new city and because of this VTT's seems like the right way to go. Has anyone in this community tried running a game just using google plus and hang outs? I would also like to get some input on Roll 20 vs Fantasy Grounds, I have watched the GM hang out on this subject but am still fleshing the decision out. Any input is appreciated.

Also if anyone runs a game in either of these VTT's I would love to play a game or two to get a better feel of how they operate. 

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Had a great session of SW this last week in a Beasts and Barbarians campaign. Nothing like crushing your enemies on horseback. Chase rules = Fast, Furious, Fun! I want to give a shout out to the community for all the great advice that has helped to make this type of session possible.

My name is Brandon and I joined this community because I am a recent convert from D20 to Savage Worlds. In the past I have played White Wolf, LOT5R, Star Wars, Heroes Unlimited, but really cut my teeth on D&D 3.5. That is the point when I went from just being a player to trying my hand at GM'ing. I loved telling the stories but disliked the rules lawyer mentality that went hand in hand with 3.5 and Pathfinder. At this point in my gaming life I am looking for the cinematic to trump the simulation, that for me is where SW fits the bill. Its nice to meet you all!

Had a great session this last week in the War of the Dead campaign that I am running. One question came up for me though. According to the campaign the moan of the living dead causes a test of wills (intimidation) against a target PC, a crowd of zombies can make a group intimidation roll against the targets Spirit. Do I treat the test as a gang up bonus (+1 for each zombie moaning) or should it be resolved as multiple rolls against the target PC?

I am new to Savage Worlds but a long time RP'r. I just started a War of the Dead campaign as the GM, but am hoping to join a WWRome game at some point soon. Just wanted to say hello as I am new to this community. Resource suggestions are always welcome.
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