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Pages Pro Tips: Maintain Perspective

When publishing content, we often cater to our most active followers or engagers. After all, there’s a lot to be said for virality. And what better way to measure it than with +1s and reshares? Still, we may overlook those who find the information useful and entertaining but choose to not actively engage with it. Those people who would rather read than share and often value your content quietly.

1. When posting to your stream, find a balance. And set expectations.
There are many types of content. Some are specifically geared towards interaction; trying to hear your followers’ voices and input. Others are meant to convey information, opportunities, or insights; informational or educational instead of interactive. A seasoned page owner knows that various content types encourage different levels of interaction. Think about what you’re hoping to accomplish with your content. Then assess success accordingly.

2. It’s hard to measure the success of a post purely on the metrics, so consider other ways to measure impact.
Our team is hard at work bringing analytics to your pages. Until then, you’ve been relying on Ripples, +1s, and reshares for affirmation and measurement. But, think outside the box. Maximum exposure doesn’t need to be your only priority. We’d love to hear what you try to accomplish with your posts and how you know they’ve been successful!

3. Lure them out of their shells.
There are a few ways to get even the most shy followers to speak up. Try a live Q&A where your followers have an incentive to get involved in real-time. Run a Google+ poll where you post a question, comment with possible answers, and ask users to +1 their favorite. This is an easy action for even the most passive follower. Be creative with your engagement tactics and let us know what’s working best for you.

4. Don’t get discouraged if you have a following yet get little engagement...
A successful Google+ page is not just one with lots of followers, but a page where users feel comfortable and not pressured into commenting or sharing more personal reflections. No matter the type of page that you manage, be confident that your content is being read and digested by many types of people.
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