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This will be an interesting experiment. I do not doubt this MOOC language course will be very helpful for learners with sufficient proficiency, but not sure how it's going to work with beginners. Out of curiosity, I have signed up this course and will find out how it works with learners with no Spanish background.
New MOOC starting April 15 on Language Teaching from Instreamia, the team behind SpanishMOOC

SpanishMOOC was one of the first MOOCs to teach a foreign language. It is also one of the most popular courses on Class Central. In all enrollment for SpanishMOOC exceeded 4500 with over 1,500 students participated in the course the first week, and active participants completed over 2,000 exercises per week

Due to the success and engagement of SpanishMOOC, and the curiosity and intrigue of language teachers, Instreamia will be offering a language teaching MOOC, called Blended Teaching of World Languages. Participants will discuss language learning, various methodologies, best practices, and challenges. They will also receive technical training on the Instreamia platform and blended teaching. Those who complete the course will have the knowledge necessary to start teaching a language on Instreamia, either by converting an existing class into a blended learning one or by creating one from scratch. 

Moving forward furture offerings of SpanishMOOC are going to be paid with registration costing 99$. You can heard more about this decision from Instreamia ove here [2]

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Hi everyone! Nice to meet you through this course. I live in Atlanta, and originally I am from China.
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