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Bent Mathiesen
Exploring the world, in pictures, thoughts, emotional and physical.
Exploring the world, in pictures, thoughts, emotional and physical.

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The first network computer was in France 1790.

"France's first full team of computers, however—people making calculations in an organized network that would foreshadow computers of a more mechanical variety—was assembled in the early 1790s by Gaspard de Prony, ..."

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Money... Money... Money - and an income for all.

8 million 5 rappen pieces at Bundesplatz in Bern, Schweiz.
Value, 400.000 chf (441892 US$).
The idea is to get attention and signatures for a common income for everyone (8 million people) in Switzerland.;art46447,296807

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Small comic strip from my daughter.

#strip #drawing #cat #mouse   #comic  

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I'm an amateur - would like to be professional.
In this circle are photographers of all levels: hobby, amateur and professional.  Since quality of a circle matters to me more than quantity the people in this circle were handpicked and frequently checked. 

You're in this circle --> please reshare it publicly !
You're not in one of my circles yet but would like to be included --> let me know.

The next editions will contain only active photographers who RESHARE the circles publicly. The passive ones I will keep in my circles as long as possible but there will be no more public sharing for them. Don't we all want the quality photographers network to grow? Then please support this by being active.

Wish you all a good start in this week!

#circlesharing   #photography   #photographycircles  

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#snowden #trueheroes #politics #policestate  
Worth listening to, but what will happen ?

"..they can store all of your conversations"
"..that is the infrastructure of a Policestate"

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#Snowden #NSA #Privacy  
Wyden on Cyber-Security: "Privacy should be the default not the exception"

What are your thoughts to what #Ron Wyden says in light of what NSA and the government does ?
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