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HI +Simon Lee 

i have purchased nearly 16 Ezcast device directly from one of your supplier.

the firmware ans software installed on mylaptop got updated 

the issue i am facing is with audio, the audio device is muting automatically when i start ezcast application on windows. please help me to fix thissue as we are about to go this with physical installation.

please consider this as an urgent request.



Hopefully +Simon Lee can help me to fix this issue :)

I have one issue with  Ezcast IOS client.

My Ezcast is connected to external wifi and my IOS device also connected to that wifi. But from Ezcast application, it's not finding dongle.

but i checked from android, which connected to that external wifi can able to find ezcast dongle with in ezcast application 

please help me to fix this issue.

i have one ezcast dongle with latest firmware. I Connected my windows 8.1 laptop to ezcast SSID. but on "pc and Devices" screen, it's ezcast device with "windows not certified" . When i click that device name, i am getting only "remove device" option.

please help me to solve this issue.

We planned to put this ezcast dongle in our office meeting room. But the wifi networks in our office is authenticates with our active directory authentication . ezcast is not detecting enterprise wireless network.
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