Myanmar with Yangon Bus under proper license

Recap: A guy called Aung had copied a photo of mine and claimed it as his own work. He then used it to compose a new image, on which he claimed strict copyrights. For the full story see:

My photo however can be used for derived works as long as it's properly attributed, and as long as the derived work can also be reused by others (similar to cc-by-sa).

I had given Aung 3 days to comply by providing proper attribution and not reserving all rights. The deadline passed without any response from Aung, I even gave him 2 more days, but to no avail.

That leaves me no choice but to correct his mistake and release the image under the proper license.

In as far as the bus is concerned the situation is clear, I permit use of the original picture under a license similar to cc-by-sa (Creative Commons - Attribution - Share Alike), for simplicity sake, we'll treat it as cc-by-sa since the difference is of no consequence in this case. Therefore the altered image of the bus is also available under cc-by-sa.

By refusing to attribute and re-share as required, he violated my copyrights and used my image illegally - hence in my view the altered work is now legally mine, and he forfeits his claim to any attribution for his work. This means anyone can reuse the altered image of the bus without attributing Aung.

The situation regarding the rest of the image, meaning those parts not showing the bus, is a little less clear. Aung stated that he used 4 pictures in total (one of which being my bus picture). Given the way they have been manipulated it is going to be difficult to find out who made those original photographs.

Given Aung's lie when claiming to own my photo, it's more than likely that the other pictures used aren't his either, and that he didn't get permission to use them (unless they are in the public domain) - he certainly hasn't attributed them. It stands to reason that Aung has no claim to any rights on the other parts of this picture either.

However as they are not mine I cannot license them. In a way they have become orphaned works, we don't know who owns them, but we do know with a fair degree of certainty that it isn't Aung.

Attached is the altered image without the false copyright claims.

In case Google+ resizes the uploaded picture, there's another copy on Imageshack:

Image size: 600x450

Add: If you use this picture, you can add attribution by linking to the current post on Google+ (url: ) with a comment like: "Image copyrighted by Otto de Voogd and 3 unknown photographers" - this article will then serve to explain the finer details.
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