EC Commissioner Karel De Gucht should resign

Karel de Gucht is surely still reeling from the defeat of ACTA yesterday. For a guy who wants to toughen the law to deal strictly with people who copy an album or a movie valued at a few Euros, it's interesting that he's now accused of evading taxes on 1.2 million Euros of capital gains!

Apparently Mr. De Gucht's philosophy is that when you do steal, steal a lot. (OK that's a cheap shot at Mr. De Gucht, but hey he introduced the false "stealing" analogy into the piracy discussion and surely not paying taxes comes a lot closer to the real definition of stealing.)

Source in Dutch:

On a totally different subject, here's MEP Paul Murphy taking Karel De Gucht to task for his undemocratic behavior as a commissioner on the ACTA dossier:
Paul Murphy MEP speaks against ACTA before crucial vote

Given his behavior during the ACTA debacle and his tax problems, it's probably best for him to resign.
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