The ACTA battle continues

On Thursday June 21, the INTA committee makes its recommendation on ACTA to the European Parliament. Please send an E-mail to INTA committee MEPs to voice your opposition to this treaty.

The e-mail I sent, see below, is a modified version of the one suggested by +Rick Falkvinge, which can be found here:

Feel free to copy/change/reuse this text for your e-mail to the INTA committee MEPs.

Subject: INTA MEPs: Please reject the ACTA treaty

Dear INTA committee MEP,

As a European citizen residing in Estonia and born in the Netherlands I urge you to reject the ACTA treaty during the INTA vote. As we have already seen in advisory committees, the ACTA treaty is deficient from a Legal Affairs standpoint (JURI), is incompatible with fundamental rights in the Charter (LIBE), is contrary to third-world development (DEVE) as well as contrary to the Digital Agenda to strengthen European IT industries (ITRE).

As for International Trade, you are no doubt aware of the assessment report where it’s clear in numbers that Europe does not gain from stronger copyright or patent protections; the EU27 is already at a net loss of 25 billion USD per year through these exclusive right constructs. Europe gains from weaker protection, not stronger: it cannot possibly be a policy goal by itself for Europe to increase the international trade deficit.
(Data from Directorate General for External Policies’ assessment report of ACTA, page 35.)

The citizens of Europe remain upset about and vigilant against this treaty, with protests against ACTA being held in over 100 European cities earlier in June, following up on similar earlier protests that were equally Europe-wide.

I wish to respectfully remind you that it is your job to represent the interests of EU citizens, and not to pander to corporate interests.

Accordingly, I urge you to vote in INTA to recommend the European Parliament to withhold its consent to the ACTA treaty.

Otto de Voogd
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