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Otto de Voogd
Bitcoin refugee, digital freedom warrior.
Bitcoin refugee, digital freedom warrior.

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Unicorns, e-Apples and Oranges

A critique of the over exaggerated Estonian e-hype.

#Estonia #eResidency

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Watch VPRO Tegenlicht next Sunday at 21.05 and have a chance to win some Bitcoins worth 100 Euros (probably more by now). It's simple, be the first to scan a private key that will be shown during the program and send those coins to yourself.

Be prepared, install a Bitcoin wallet on your phone now.

Links to some popular wallets are listed on my faq page:

Learn how your wallet works so that you are ready come Sunday.

The first part of the video linked below is in English, where Roger Ver (who is giving away the Bitcoins) explains the concept, the second part is in Dutch explaining how to use the Mycelium wallet to swipe the private key that will be shown on TV.

Good luck!!!


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"Could Bitcoin Solve Greeks’ Online Payment Problems?"

So Greece is going cold Turkey.

Greece votes no -> Bitcoin up 5%.

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Number of ECHR rulings finding human rights violations by each state per 1 million inhabitants per year.

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ECHR Human Rights Violation Statistics.

The Netherlands joined the ECHR in 1949 and Estonia in 1993. The ECHR publishes a document detailing the number of rulings regarding human rights violations per country over the period 1959 to 2014 (link below).

In the case of the Netherlands, there have been 145 rulings over a period of 56 years, of which 85 found at least one human rights violation. That comes to 1.52 negative rulings for the country each year.

In the case of Estonia, there have been 42 rulings over a period of 22 years, of which 34 found at least one human rights violation. That comes to 1.55 negative ruling for the country each year.

That's slightly higher than the Dutch average. However the Netherlands has a population 13 times larger than Estonia.

Correcting for that we find that, per inhabitant Estonia is found guilty by the ECHR of human rights violations 13 times more often than the Netherlands.

From my own personal experience, I cannot say that I am really surprised.

ECHR stats:

Ilves asks: "Is there anything Estonians can’t do online?"

"New customer can't open bank account without showing up in person. eID not considered good proof of ID by Estonian state."

"Estonians can't openly offer to exchange Bitcoins online without being harassed by police."

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"FBI And United Airlines Shoot The Messenger After Security Researcher Discovers Vulnerabilities In Airplane Computer System"
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